Syaoran (Tsubasa) Help

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#1 Denki Wolf on 6 years ago

I am trying to make a Syaoran costume for Cons.
Can anyone help?
I have no one near me to help, so... yeah.
I really don't know where to start.
Thanks for all the help guys.
Tell me what you guys think is best.

I want normal Clow outfit with the staff as well.

I want to do the shirt and pants last due to weight...

Thanks guys!

#2 crazywuzhere on 6 years ago

This is what I did:
search 'Syaoran' on this site and look at every single cosplay of the Clow version. Then read every summary of how they made the costume. then decide if want to make or purchase pieces of the costume. For example, I bought a black turtle-neck, cut off the sleeves, and made the straps from the sleeves then hot-glued brass buttons on the straps.
It's very simple to search this stuff. There is even a thread around here about just Syaoran Clow version cosplay.

Also, I would go to other cosplay sites and do the same. Good luck.