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#1 Kobayashi.K on 6 years ago

Never too early. Always too late to start a thread such as this one.

So hey! You might saw me running around at the Vocaloid shoot this year (2012). I loved seeing so many people (ESPECIALLY SATURDAY. I LOVE ALL OF YOU <3) coming to a shoot. If you were at the shoot on Saturday and Sunday, awesome. You already know where the location will be - 4th floor. There's plenty of space for us to dance and hang out before and after the shoot. I will not move this anywhere else. Less confusing. 2pm is a good time for Fri-Sat.

Overall, expect the shoot to take between 45-60 minutes for the main part of the shoot. I usually leave 15-minute buffer for people to show up, and a couple of retakes here and there. If you show up late, come find me. I'll find a place for you to be in the picture.

What I plan to do:
Snacks - Contributions greatly appreciated. Skittles or Starbursts are awesome.
Group shoots - DUH. That's the whole purpose of having this gathering in the first place.
Individual shoots - By request.

Shoot order (non-tentative): A typical timeframe is 30 seconds per character. Maybe more, maybe less. I will try to spend less time sorting people out and more time shooting.

PV and originals will be posed together in the same shot. Ditto for genderbends.
Vocaloid1 - Meiko, Kaito
Vocaloid2 - Miku, Len/Rin (separated if we have an overflow of twins showing up), Luka
Vocaloid2 fanmade - Neru, Haku, Sakine Meiko, etc.
Internet Co. - Gumi, Lily, Gakupo, Gachapoid, CUL
AH-Soft - Miki, Yuki, Kiyoteru, Iroha, Yukari
Vocaloid3 - Clara, Bruno, SeeU, Aoki Lapis, IA, Mew, VY1/2/3, Tone Rion, Suzune Ring, Lui Hibiki, all other non-Japanese voicebanks.
Black Rock Shooter - This will happen if there is no official BRS shoot. GRANTED, IF THERE IS ONE, you're more than welcomed to invade our shoots. People from '10 probably remembered how fun that was.
Engloids- Lola, Leon, Sweet Ann, Sonika (no she is not Gumi), Big Al, Tonio, Miriam, Oliver, Prima
UTAU - VIPPERLoids, Defoko, etc.. possibly the popular ones.

Once these are done, TWO QUICK GROUP POSES. Followed by PVs. Time permitting, I'll stay for fanservice shoots.

PV-specific thread:

WORD OF ADVICE: Please let me know in advance if your PV group needs to leave early. I'll try to get you in early.

So, what are you planning for 2013? Once again, it's never too early.

Fri-Sat 2pm - 4th floor.

Location: We'll be near the restroom towards the escalator on the 4th floor on Friday and Saturday. The quickest way to get there is to take the escalators from the Hilton entrance, up one floor. Then turn left and keep going as soon as you reach the 4th floor.
Sunday location has been changed - We'll be down by the Indoor Fountain (Charles St Lobby), behind the escalator leading up to the exit towards the Skywalk.

Map, for those requiring directions/directionally challenged:

vv See below for last edited date. vv

#2 cyan-sonata on 6 years ago

If my girlfriend and I are able to go we'll be WINE BERRY Miku and GUMI~ we were the cheerleader CUL and SeeU this year :)

#3 xx___envious on 6 years ago

I'll be coming as BGS from BRS so I may photobomb the vocaloid BRS shoot for fun haha (BRS doesn't have a time yet but we're doing a shoot on saturday at the indoor fountains, that is all to be known for now)
But! I am in a group doing Race Queen Vocaloid girls (I'm rin) and we're thinking of bringing them to a con. If we decide to bring them to Otakon, then you'll have about 18 race queen vocaloid girls for one of the shoot days haha

#4 CosplayJelly on 6 years ago

i might be love is war miku if my friends choose to do vocaloid cosplays next yr's otakon. still not sure.

#5 TMLiza on 6 years ago

Not sure yet but I might end up bringing a Gumi cosplay(don't know which song yet) for Sunday.

#6 yori_haishi on 6 years ago

Depending which I get done, I may be either Miriam or Oliver of the Engloids.

#7 kimmychi on 5 years ago

I'm going to go as Answer Luka with my friend cosplaying as JBF Luka.

#8 PhantomhiveCosplay on 5 years ago

I will be bringing CUL, Just be Friends Miku, and Default Miku. I will do CUL for part of Friday, JBF part of Saturday. and Default Miku for part of Sunday. I plan on being Ciel the majority of Saturday and plan to go to the Kuroshitsuji meet-up. I am not sure if these will collide at all, but I will try my best to make it on Saturday. I will definitely be there on Friday and Sunday.

#9 poskii on 5 years ago

My friend and I will be there as Senbonzakura Miku and Kaito. c:

#10 koharuxoxowuv on 5 years ago

I will be going as Spacy Nurse Miku from Project Diva 2nd on Friday~~

#11 Ben R. on 5 years ago

Sweet I plan on doing a Vocaloid day maybe Friday or Saturday.

I'm going to be cosplaying Snow Miku 2011 Version and also Servant of Evil Len

#12 Kotarou on 5 years ago

I don't know what day yet, but I'll cosplay as Len. But I don't know which version. If I can find someone that will cosplay with me, then that will decide what I cosplay. I can cosplay Aa Subarashiki Nyansei Len, Human Sacrifice Alice Len, default Len, Love Is War Len, or Senbonzakura Len. So if anyone is interested, let me know.

#13 solstis on 5 years ago

I'm bringing Cat's Life Gumi, probably for Saturday's photoshoot.

#14 CherryMewMewNya on 5 years ago

I'll be there saturday as Linkage Miku from Project Diva f ps3 edition

#15 Kobayashi.K on 5 years ago

Oh wow. Didn't expect the thread to not get purged! First post's info is still current as of 4/19. I know that it's 4 months away, and I love the responses and old faces/new faces each and every year. ^^;;

I might actually show up as Kiyoteru from Ayano/medicP's As The Vampire. We shall see~