Already have cosplay in mind for AX2013?

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#1 Kokoro Hane on 6 years ago

I was just curious if everyone has their cosplays already planned out for the upcoming Anime Expo in 2013!

I will be re-using my Mayuri cosplay I wore this year. As far as new cosplay, I will be dressing up as one of my own characters from my manga (Satomi Hiroyama) and also Kyoko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. What days I will wear them on, I don't have a clue.....

What about you guys?

#2 SparklyCosplay on 6 years ago

If I go, I'll definitely be Tomoe Mami from Madoka Magica:)

#3 Waifu Beam on 6 years ago

Yep, friend and I already have our cosplays set for next year. Now we just need to actually sit down and make em. XD

#4 Kokoro Hane on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=SparklyCosplay;4516590]If I go, I'll definitely be Tomoe Mami from Madoka Magica:)[/QUOTE]

Ah, cool! If I am Kyoko that day, we should have a picture!

#5 Codename Otacon on 6 years ago

Nope, still deciding.

#6 animejunkie on 6 years ago

Costumes are in my siggy...but I'm thinking that I might have to put default Miku on hold due to finances as it is NOT a cheap costume if I want to do it decently. I'll definitely be bringing back Haruhi and Ritsu (may attempt Mio); as far as new ones? Stocking is priority number one, Rolling Girl Miku and Mion shouldn't be too hard (or costly) to do...just wigs is all

#7 oOMeroChanOo on 6 years ago

I am going as Asuna Yuuki for sure. I might be Babydoll or Harley Quinn on another day but I want to have at least 3 costumes.

#8 Aciano on 6 years ago

Currently looking into making Loki from The Avengers, and also Foxfire Ahri from League of Legends. Might end up making Mulan later on.

#9 sexytime10 on 6 years ago

Probably going to be re-using my Anthony cosplay from Madoka Magica.

#10 tipsd9video on 6 years ago

Gonna reuse my Tsuna cosplay from ALA, fix my Groose cosplay, and try to do some version of Soul Evans, not sure which version though.

#11 PsychoLove on 6 years ago

I know for sure that I'll be Zelda from twilight princess, but not sure what else yet!

#12 Kotarou on 6 years ago

Currently, this is how my cosplay lineup looks like:
[*]Genderbend Shirakawa Kotori (Da Capo) (Day 0)
[*]Kirito (SAO) (Probably Day 1)
[*]Kagamine Len (maybe Senbonzakura) (Day 2?)
[*]Ciel Phantomhive (Day 3?)
[*]Scrooge (Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas) (Day 4)
It might change depending on when certain gatherings are (I'm hoping that the Vocaloid and Black Butler gatherings are on different days and I'm pushing for a Day 1 SAO gathering). Depending on the scheduling of the Tales of gathering, I'll be Genis Sage (ToS) during that gathering and if I can get a DOG DAYS gathering going, I'll be Shinku Izumi during that gathering.

#13 SparklyCosplay on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=Kokoro Hane;4516625]Ah, cool! If I am Kyoko that day, we should have a picture![/QUOTE]
That would be great! I look forward to seeing you! *is just about the biggest Madoka fangirl on the planet*
Hopefully there will be a Madoka gathering! (I don't see how there can't be!)

#14 LeanaMee101 on 6 years ago

I have Trafalgar Law, Matryoshka Rin, and Chopper confirmed for next year. Still a maybe on the Silica cosplay...Depends on if I like a new character and if I can get the costume. It's not cheap..;-;

#15 Moonlit_Stars on 6 years ago

Synchronicity!Neru is the only confirmed one, I'll be doing it with a group for the Vocaloid gathering, probably third day.