Axis Power Hetalia AX 2013 Gatherings

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#1 ghostly sweets on 6 years ago

[CENTER]Axis Powers Hetalia AX 2013[/CENTER]
[B][CENTER]Four Days Gathering[/CENTER]
(and Humon's Scandinavia if they feel like joining us)[/CENTER]

[URL=" Expo map/AX_LACC_Gathering_Sites.jpg"]CLICK HERE FOR A MAP[/URL]

[QUOTE]MagicianCelemis: When entering the West Hall, SITE #2 (West Hall Concourse) is located to the LEFT; the hallway has 2 glass doorways that lead to the Concourse area. From there, you just follow where the path leads you; you'll then hit an open corner, which is essentially the south-most corner of the convention center. DO NOT go straight forward that direction: That's SITE #3, where the Durarara and (perhaps) the Homestuck gathering is hosted at. Instead, turn RIGHT from there, and you'll see more stairways accompanied by shade and greenery~ That's the Hetalia gathering for you!

Also, there's also that stairway that's directly in front of the doorway you enter for the West Hall Concourse--That's not the Hetalia gathering location.

The gathering is on the stairs that face the street (perpendicular, not parallel to them), and not the stairs that lead up to the walkway to the South Hall.

Day 1
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Site #2; Stairs Beside West Hall.
Host: PlatinumSpeed

Day 2
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Site #2; Stairs Beside West Hall.
Host: ghostly sweets

Day 3
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Site #2. (See Day 1.)
Host: Natswash

Day 4
Time: 11:00 AM
Location: Site #2. (See Day 1.)
Host: PlatinumSpeed

Co-Hosts & Helpers:
Day 1: CopperSloth
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:

[CENTER][COLOR=Red]If you would like to be a host or a co-host or a helper, please send me a private message with what day and what costume (even if it's not Hetalia). Thank you.[/CENTER]



[CENTER][COLOR=Red]If you would like to plan/do an event, please private message me. Thank you. [/CENTER]

Day 4
1:45 PM, Video 1 (403)
Hetalia: Axis Powers: 1 - 3 [D/17+]

3:00 PM, Video 1 (403)
Hetalia Axis Powers: Paint it, White! [D/17+]


Some Etiquette and Conduct Code:

No touching without explicit permission.

No inappropriate touching. Period.

Don't be a jerk/stronger, vulgar synonyms for jerk/pushy weirdo.

Always ask first—be it to take a photograph, to handle a prop, or anything else.

Be aware of the fact there are people below the age of 18 and people over the age of 18 present. Age matters. Use your head, please. That said, err on the side of caution and try to keep things appropriate for general and public audiences.

Have some patience with the hosts as they go through the lists.

There will be no ship-hating or ship-wars. If you do not like the pairing/ship/character/whatever, you are not forced to participate. You are entitled to your dislike/hatred/loathing/abhorrence and opinion. We will respect your opinion, but we are not obligated or required to hear your opinion. (This is equivalent to disliking a flavor of ice cream and letting everyone around you know that you don't like it in such a way that it makes them feel bad for liking their flavor of ice cream. It's not validating anything, other than making you look like a bully.)

All actions have consequences.

Everyone at the gathering is a person and ought to be respected.

You are representing nations and peoples. Please carry yourselves accordingly.

If you come with a flag, it must be treated like a flag (not as a prop) and with utmost respect, as in, it cannot drag, touch, or lay on the ground. Don't even think about using it as a blanket to sit down on, as a cape, a scarf. If the flag is not on a pole, become familiar with the proper way to fold a flag when not using it.

[Center][URL=""]Photography Opportunities[/URL][/Center]

#2 ghostly sweets on 6 years ago

[U]Axis Powers: [/U]
Northern Italy:
Japan: LexiLawliet96, Mai-Yuki

[U]Allied Forces:[/U]
United State of America: HetaliaFan15 (or friend), Red_Heat (Modern Warfare), anayuki27, Kagero13 [Day 1; (2!P Nyo)], jazmin.kitsurag (Revolutionary), Negimeister00, Hoozuki
Canada: FrostForever, Kagero13's daughter [Day 1, Day 2: Lolita Nyo]
England: Tiffy (Fairy England), LexiLawliet96 (Maybe?), rinyamato2690 (revolutionary War, 2!P), HetaliaFan15 (or friend), Ana (anayuki27's friend), jazmin.kitsurag's friend(Revolutionary), tsukigrl04 [Day 3], TeaCoCo (2P!Nyo)
Russia: Codename Otacon (Chess Rook), ghostly sweets (Cossack), Wolpard
China: MagicianCelemis [Day 4]

[U]Supporting Cast[/U]:
Austria: MagicianCelemis [Day 3], Kagero13 [Day 2: Hetastuck, Day 3: Nyo], purple_lover (Children's Day), rationelle (Nyo)
Belgium: kuromiluminous
Denmark: Natswash (Probably)
Estonia: silver-and-jayl [Day 4]
Holy Roman Empire:
Hong Kong:
Hungary: TwilightYumi, starrymushroom (Children's Day),
Iceland: okami745
Monaco: Kagero13's daughter [Day 2: Hetastuck]
Norway: okami745, Oberst (Viking)
New Zealand:
Prussia: rinyamato2690 (Austrian Succession), TwilightYumi (Fem), kei_kanna_chan
Romania: okami745
Southern Italy: Kagero13 [Day 4: Nyo], rinyamato2690, Tokio Amarfi
Switzerland: Wolpard
Seychelles: TwilightYumi, KitsunOfTheSand, Codename Otacon
Sweden: Gil-Gil
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus:
Taiwan: michichama ("has a feeling might go as"), ja-pyon, mscasp
Ukraine: shadowdragon13 (might be District 12 Tribute), Maru-sha
Vietnam: KuroiShiroiKumo

Hutt River:
Kugelmugel: Gil-Gil
Ladonia: Codename Otacon (might)
Nikko Nikko Republic:
Principality of Wy:

Ancient Rome:
Ancient Greece: AmeChao (Maybe)
Ancient Egypt: AmeChao (Maybe)

[U]Original Characters:[/U]
Gakuen!Mexico: okami745 (Maybe)
Jacobite Scotland: Oberst
Philippines: TwilightYumi
Croatia: ghostly sweets
New Jersey: NikkiJersey

Flying Mint Bunny: mysticdragon3
Queen Elizabeth I: ghostly sweets [Day 4]

#3 Natswash on 6 years ago

Yay, organization! On-topic I'd like to co-host, host, or generally help out with the gathering.

#4 okami745 on 6 years ago

So excited! XD
I'll be cosplaying as Iceland, Norway, and Romania. Don't know which days yet.
I might also cosplay as gakuen OC female Mexico. (Maybe)

Also, 2012 was the first time I joined a gathering. And the people who where hosting the
gathering did a great job!

#5 shadowdragon13 on 6 years ago

Wow, a week since the con and already getting this together. :D

Hmm....Hetalia isn't on my list for next year, but if I have room in my bag or cancel a cosplay I'll be Ukraine again. Don't know which day though. :3

#6 mysticdragon3 on 6 years ago

Thread for 2013 so soon? ^u^ Awesome!
Flying Mint Bunny will try to video all the gatherings again. ^-^

#7 michichama on 6 years ago

I don't mind helping out :). I have a feeling I'll go as Taiwan o w o

#8 Codename Otacon on 6 years ago

I might come as Chess Rook Russia or Ladonia.

#9 Natswash on 6 years ago

I'll probably be Denmark again.

#10 qingyin on 6 years ago

If I'm cosplaying Hetalia, I think I would go as Hong Kong XD. I'll comment in the future when the time comes =))

#11 ghostly sweets on 6 years ago

hdbfghnjI was trying to like compile all the characters so far seen/read/mentioned in Hetalia. There is just so many. Tooo many. I'm just going to hope, that at some point, people will cosplay these other characters, so I can then list them. Or I'll do it anyways later when I don't have a bunch of grown men yelling in my ears.

As for hosting--I'll put you guys under helping, until we get closer to AX2013. It's just a lot easier to keep people non-committed, instead of having people say they'll do something and then not show up. At least this way, I wouldn't have to scramble to find a replacement, or a panel getting in the way, you know? And on that note, hosts will more than likely be decided a month in advance, and on that note, if scheduling conflict occurs the times may be moved with in an hour, later or earlier, but that needs to be decided as soon as the official schedule comes out, so things are not conflicting with other gatherings on the list--if an official one happens this year.

#12 michichama on 6 years ago

Well I hope an official one happens hahaha xD

#13 shadowdragon13 on 6 years ago

We have a year to plan this. :D

#14 Natswash on 6 years ago

I agree about waiting for a while to decide on hosts. I was hesitant to post on days because I myself am not quite sure yet. Until then just get lists of costumes together?

#15 ghostly sweets on 6 years ago

[QUOTE=Natswash;4450185]I agree about waiting for a while to decide on hosts. I was hesitant to post on days because I myself am not quite sure yet. Until then just get lists of costumes together?[/QUOTE]

Exaclty what I'm trying to get around to doing. I'm a bit slow at it right now because I've had things come up offline.