Drinking at the con

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#1 Talismand on 7 years ago

Just wondering how many people plan on actually drinking at the hotel bars and such near or at the con and if you have ever been drunk at a con? also how did it go? i personally saw a drunk jack sparrow who stated while near and eventually in the pool that he could only remain in character while drinking XD he was such a funny guy

#2 dogwitch on 7 years ago

seen a drunk ming. that still funny to this day.

#3 Talismand on 7 years ago

i know but its fun to hear other peoples stories about how they or others acted ^^

#4 moonfall on 7 years ago

Last year at Anime Weekend Atlanta, somebody tried to sneak a bottle of whiskey into one of the panels. He got caught and claimed he "didn't know" alcohol isn't allowed in the convention center. Security chased after him, but I don't think they ever caught him. I also remember a dealing getting into an argument with security at (I think) Metrocon one year for trying to sneak a small bottle of liquor into the rave.

I don't remember anyone drunk at Mega, but that's probably because there's no hotel attached to the convention center. I've seen plenty of drinking other cons, especially in hotel rooms. I doubt booze is allowed in the convention center itself.

#5 Talismand on 7 years ago

i dont think so either but where there is a will theres a way XD

#6 moonfall on 7 years ago

I actually do have a drunk story from Megacon. A few years ago, somebody in the group I was with drank so much he ended up spending the night in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. The next night, he went back to drinking.

Don't eat or drink anything at the rave. I also know people who drank spiked water.

#7 Talismand on 7 years ago

lol what a trooper

#8 SirWonderusMary on 7 years ago

I imagine that there might be more people trying to drink this year, and if you can't remember the convention's last day is the 17th. St. Patricks, right? Don't a lot of people drink on that day?

#9 Talismand on 7 years ago

absolutly hence why i made this thread XD

#10 NeonBunnyGirl on 7 years ago

My Husband and I plan on drinking again this year through out the weekend, its pretty much has become a tradition for us.

Two Megacons ago my husband was so drunk that when he saw the couple dressed in fursuits he thought they were real animals. He followed them around for a while, tried to pet them, gave them our glow sticks and kept yelling kitty. It was pretty funny to watch IMO.

#11 dogwitch on 7 years ago

omg. i remember that one.

#12 nathancarter on 7 years ago

*APPARENTLY* I can't hold my liquor, or so I've been told. :untrust:

If I'm running around with camera gear, I don't need to be drinking. So I might have one beer or maybe two, but nothing more.

#13 Talismand on 7 years ago

two turns into three three turns into four four turns into a group shot...lol

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