Bleach - How to make Grimmjow Jaggerjacks's Mask

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#1 gundammrw on 13 years ago

I often get PM's asking how I made my Grimmjow mask and what I made it out of. So I decided to make a little tutorial. This can used to make Grimmjow's mask or a variety of other Arrancar masks.

Its pretty easy. The only thing you really need material wise is Model Magic. It comes in a variety of colors but I just got white. Depending on the thickness of your mask you can get away with one package but I used two just in case (had plenty of left over)

1. I went and drew the mask design on paper after looking at the manga (for an annoying amount of time, since the mask changed slightly during Grimmjows span in the manga). I drew the teeth and where the mask slants in on itself. BTW, I did the mask in two pieces (lower and upper mandible) so that it would move a little when I talked.

[URL=""]Paper Form Design[/URL]

2. Take the paper and position on your face looking in a mirror to make sure the shape and size are correct and contour with the shape of your face well.

3. Take the model magic out of the package and lay it on a flat table. If you have a pin roller, flatten to desired thickness.

4. Place the cut out paper pieces on top of MM (model magic) and with a knife (I had a razor blade) and cut out MM around paper mask.

5. Remove the excess MM from around the piece of the mask and set it aside (if its enough you might be able to use this for the other half of the mask)

6. Take your knife (or razor) and lightly etch the location and design of the teeth into the MM along with the slant of the edge of the mask. (The slant is where the mask bevels)

7. It doesn't really matter which you start with, slant or teeth but I started with the slant. Where you etched the line on the MM press the material at an angle so that end of the mask starts flat and goes up to the thickness of the mask (basically it will bevel).

When I was planning the mask I had originally decided to make teeth and place them on the mask but I was worried about them coming off so I decided to make the mask one solid piece.

8. To make the teeth look unique from the mask and have a shape of their own, first press the gaps in between the teeth down at an angle. This will make the teeth appear to protrude from the mask. Make sure that you dont disturb the teeth lines that you etched in.

9. After you have done this, you need to round the teeth. This is basically done by pinching and rubbing the teeth until they are round and smooth.

10. You need to make sure that when you have both parts of the mask done, the upper masks teeth should be able to smoothly go over the lower masks teeth.

11. Follow all the previous steps to complete the second half of the mask.

12. Before the mask begins to dry, go to a mirror and place them on your face. When you get them the way you want them make sure that they conform to the shape of your face (remember they are currently flat on the side that touches your face.) This will insure a snug fit when you attach the mask to your face later (This is REALLY important. You want the mask to touch as much of your face as possible to insure that when you apply spirit gum to it, it has as much surface area to stick to as possible).

13. When they are adjusted, sit them somewhere safe and allow them to dry overnight.

14. After drying. Try them on to make sure that they are still in shape (even at this stage a few light adjustments can be done if they dont quite fit).

The following steps were done to make the mask look more like a skull which was the effect I was going for. It isn't required but it gave the flat looking mask more "pop"

15. To make the teeth look like real teeth get a bottle of clear enamel paint or fingernail polish. I used a bottle of Gloss Varnish from the Arts/Crafts dept at Walmart. Paint the teeth individually making sure to not touch the non teeth areas. Adding more coats will make the teeth more shiny.

16. To make the mask appear to have depth and texture I took an art blending stump (its usually used to blend pencil or charcoal for a gradient appearance). Since I use my stump quite a bit for drawings it already had pencil lead on it. I took the stump and gently brushed the gaps between teeth and the slant at the end of the mask. I started at the edge of the slant at its peak and made a gradient effect going downwards. The same with the teeth only reversed. Started at the lowest point of the gap I went upward creating a gradient. I also lightly went around the teeth to make the even more separate from the mask itself. This step really isn't required but it did help my mask look more realistic.

The Finished Product[/URL]

After the mask is finished the only step left is attaching it to your face. I used spirit gum. It held the mask all day and was easy to remove. Just make sure you place the gum where the mask touches the skin in good portions and make sure you tap your fingers on the spirit gum a few times till it has a "tacky" feeling so that it works best.

[URL=""]This is what it looks like on meh ugly mug >.<[/URL]

[URL=""]Another Shot[/URL]

[URL=""]The reason you need to apply Spirit gum properly is so that the mask doesn't sag like this.....[/URL]

[URL=""]....or this[/URL]

Well thats what I did. It didn't take me long to finish mine so it shouldn't be a tedious project. All in all you'll probably spend less than 10 bux on it. Hope this helps you.

#2 Rufus Kun on 13 years ago

really helpful thanks alot :D

this has come just at the right time for my cosplay!

#3 gundammrw on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=Rufus Kun;2041702]really helpful thanks alot :D

this has come just at the right time for my cosplay![/QUOTE]

Glad it was of some help to you. ^_^

#4 Toshi_Riku on 13 years ago

you think i can pull off ichigo's
vizard mask with model magic?

#5 gundammrw on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=Toshi_Riku;2042896]you think i can pull off ichigo's
vizard mask with model magic?[/QUOTE]

I'd say its possible. The hardest part will be making it keep its shape during the drying process. I use a full face mask sometimes to help me. I've thought about making his mask as well and I'd use this method for that.

#6 Kiriana on 13 years ago

Thanks! This tutorial will come in really handy in the future. I might use it to make the Millenium Earl's ears.

#7 Chipface on 13 years ago

Question, are you able to eat without having to take the mask off?

#8 gundammrw on 13 years ago

Its possible to eat. I've done so quite a bit. We once ate at Ihop and I bought a cheese burger. The trick is chewing on the opposite site of your mouth. The thing you have to make sure of is to not get any food stuff on the mask. Its funny cuz when you do it makes you wonder if Grimmjow brushes his teeth. ^_^

#9 asdfx3 on 13 years ago

is model magic heavy?

also, how would you make a mask stay onto hair? because Im doing a luppi cosplay and when I made the mask I glued hair extension clips to it but it would come loose way too often.

#10 gundammrw on 13 years ago

No, model magic is by far the lightest material you could use for arrancar masks.

As for staying in hair. Im not sure. It would depend if you were using your natural hair or a wig. If a wig you could find a way to sew it into the wig. Hair clips seems to be the best way. There are two people that I know who you can ask on here who've had experience with this. Arei and Silver_Ruby who have both done a Luppi. And well at that.

#11 gundammrw on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=DigitalLove;2170614]x2 on model magic for the mask. model magic breaks pretty easily once it's dry, so i built my mask around a piece of craft foam to make it sturdier and easier to repair. SUPERGLUE works amazingly for the job!

and LOL @ the thought of grimmjow brushing both sets of teeth... my cosspace profile's background has a fanart of him doing so XD[/QUOTE]


did it for fun once

#12 Shadowoffire123 on 12 years ago

I couldn't get the spirit gum to keep my mask on. >_

#13 Akusesu on 12 years ago

off topic...kinda but...
i loveee your grim jaw! <333 lol

#14 gundammrw on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=Shadowoffire123;2170736]I couldn't get the spirit gum to keep my mask on. >_<[/QUOTE]

First things first...did you make sure you made it "tacky" before applying it to your face? Second, the brand makes a huge difference. Ben Nye and Cinema Secrets are the two best to go with.

#15 gundammrw on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=Akusesu;2392942]off topic...kinda but...
i loveee your grim jaw! <333 lol[/QUOTE]

Hehe. THanks. I really appreciate you saying that ^___^ and I love your Michael. ^o^