Does anyone know who this Citan is?

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#1 Yuna_Braska on 15 years ago

X.x hahahaha. So, I found this really awesome Citan Uzuki from Xenogears on the site, Khamryn, who actually went to Katsukon (Maybe I'll be able to go next year...).

I'm actually wondering if anyone knows who this is, because I'd really like to tell him that his costume is absolutely awesome.


There's a picture of him, so... yea.

Thanks a lot, guys ^_^

#2 Nietsche on 15 years ago

Hey! That's arcticayeka!

#3 Recca-kun on 15 years ago

Help us boost his ego even more so that he doesn't cut his hair! ;)

#4 twentystitches on 15 years ago

O_O Oh that is his real hair!! Oh geez...*worships* So pretty...He shouldn't cut it!!!!

^_^ He's got a good costume too!

#5 sailor-moon on 15 years ago

holy s*** *o* his hair is awsome!!he souldnt cut it!!^o^ but it is up to him-.- ^.^

#6 arcticayeka on 15 years ago

What... who said... where? Hair? Huh?

I'm awake too early. -.-

But as my friends say, that is me. And yes, that is indeed my actual hair, that they won't let me cut in hopes of getting to me to go Otakon in for the Xenogathering. They kept bribing me with Maria.

I am digressing! Thanks for the shout outs. ^^


#7 neoangelwink on 15 years ago

i konw him ^__^ not personly but we have see each other. yeah dont cute his hair it look great!!

#8 Emeralda on 15 years ago

See Dan! You may NOT cut your hair. Females have spoken. *grumbles* Course I'm female, but he doesn't care a frill what I say. Then again, I guess its only cute females that he listens to. SO LISTEN TO THE WIMMINS DAN! Or we deny you Maria. >.> And I start sending you nightly Xenosaga spoilers.

#9 Yui on 15 years ago

Haha...lookies, you got a fan! Guess you're Doc enough, huh? Remember, "long hair -on the top of your head- is always good" ^_-

Yeah, if you cut it, and we'll take away your Nietsche visitation rights, too.

And you have no choice about the Xenogathering. You *will* be at the Xenogathering.

#10 SailorMo on 15 years ago

Oh no you don't, HAG!! You are NOT cutting your hair and that's final!!!


#11 Emeralda on 15 years ago

That's right Dan, don't make me call you again for harassment. And what Yui said, no manwhoring for you!

#12 A J on 15 years ago

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Yui [/i]
Yeah, if you cut it, and we'll take away your Nietsche visitation rights, too.

ROFL... ok now you KNOW he won't cut his hair. ;)


#13 khamryn on 15 years ago

::late, but agrees:: No cutting of the hair!

#14 Yuna_Braska on 15 years ago

arcticayeka- hahahahaha *hug, runs*

Fangirl? Me? I'm not rabid. ^^ hehehehehehehe. Anyway... yea... really really nice costume... yea... no cutting off your hair, or else I'll hunt you down and tie you up until you grow it back out.

No telling where I'll put ya, but I'll tie you up somewhere *kidding*

X.x;;; heh... don't be too worried, I'm really not -that- forward. hahahaha *hide*

#15 Nietsche on 15 years ago

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Yui [/i]
Yeah, if you cut it, and we'll take away your Nietsche visitation rights, too.[/QUOTE]

I feel so used!