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#1 SpookyElectric on 9 years ago

I'm looking to take more photos at [b]locations other than conventions[/b]. Since I'm in LA, that means Los Angeles Basin / San Fernando Valley / Orange County / etc. (I might consider San Diego for something particularly epic.)

I'm interested in shooting [b]cosplay[/b] and also [b]Steampunk + Neo-Victorian[/b]. (I would consider other interesting fashions as well.) For my taste in anime, see [url=]ratings on my anime list[/url]

My schedule tends to be more flexible on weekdays.

Various examples of past location shoots:
[img] - Sokka x Yue 1.small.jpg[/img]

You can see more [b]examples[/b] of my photos:
- best are on [url=]deviantArt[/url]
- some shoots are [url=]here on[/url]
- and the rest are on [url=]my own site[/url].

#2 my2wings on 8 years ago

Hello, I will be at Anime Expo this year again with my Haruhi bunny costume (from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) along with some other costumes. I would love to do a photo shoot with you.
I also live in the LA area, and am have other costumes as well, (my most recent are my best so far) but let me know :D I will also be atteneing ComiCon this year as well again in my Wonder Woman costume as well as my Morrigan costume.

#3 Super Saki on 8 years ago

^^; Don't know if I'll set something up with you, maybe in the far off future, but this actually gives me an opportunity to finally tell you that I LOVE your work. Your photos come out amazing! ^^

#4 SpookyElectric on 8 years ago

@my2wings: replied via PM

@SuperSaki: Aw. Thank you! :bashful:

#5 RisuKim on 8 years ago

Hi i'm no longer a con runner nor do I cosplay, but I am infatuated with certain styles and am in the process of toning up and hiring seamstresses to build designed outfits. I would love to work with you just to have a shoot going. TFP?

#6 SpookyElectric on 8 years ago

I'd be up for some creative fashion. I'll send you my E-Mail in reply to your PM. As a heads up, I'll be pretty sparse over the next several days due to Katsucon.

#7 RisuKim on 8 years ago

No Problem! :) I'm busy with meetings for upcoming events XD
Enjoy Katsucon. :)

#8 lilyun5368 on 8 years ago

well ill be in cali for a week.. ill be in montery park so maybe we could schedule something

#9 SpookyElectric on 8 years ago

@lilyun5368: followed up via PM

#10 xxchemi on 8 years ago

Yea, are you going to go to AX?
because im looking for a photographer to do a shoot with, and I looked at your pictures they were really fantastic.

do you think we can set up a shoot?
me and my friend are going as Uriko and Alice from Bloody Roar 2

#11 SpookyElectric on 8 years ago

I'll be at AX.
As mentioned in the first post, I'm looking mainly to do shoots not at conventions. That allows me to take advantage of cooler locations, and frees up time at cons for other stuff (like cosplaying).

So, I'd prefer shooting some other time. But, looking up the game, it seems a generic urban setting is the ideal location. So, downtown LA would probably be my choice anyway. Given that, I'm ok with shooting during AX.

Any particular day(s) you plan to wear it, or is that flexible? How late at night is OK?

#12 SpookyElectric on 7 years ago

It's been awhile since I posted in here. Here are some pics from shoots coordinated here with my2wings and lilyun5368 last year, and a recent one coordinated with a friend:

[url= Haruhi 9429.large.jpg][img] Haruhi 9429.small.jpg[/img][/url]

[url=][img][/img][/url] [url= Blood - Esther Blachett 4.large.jpg][img] Blood - Esther Blachett 4.small.jpg[/img][/url]

At the moment I'm pretty busy up till June, but I should have some availability this summer.

Of things I'd particularly like to try, I have some ideas for:
Evangelion: Rei, Shinji + Kaworu, and Mistao (PM for details)
K-On: full group in school uniforms @ karaoke
Shikabane Hime: night time action shots
Sailor Moon: fighting evil by moon light (ideally a group with both a villain and one of the sailor scouts)

A location I'd like to try out that I don't have any particular ideas for what series to shoot is the [url=]Salk Institute[/url]

#13 katx on 7 years ago

K-On: full group in school uniforms @ karaoke

A location I'd like to try out that I don't have any particular ideas for what series to shoot is the [url=]Salk Institute[/url][/QUOTE]

Posted something here about your interest in a K-On group. Hope you get one soon :)
I'd request for a shoot, but I only know a Mio ^^

It would also be cool if you could the Genderbent K-On group I saw at AX last year!

By the way, that location looks cool!

#14 qutesis93 on 7 years ago

Hi <3
We live in LA too, and we would like to do a Durarara! Shoot and in dire need of a photographer.
Would you be willing to shoot with us?
please pm me :] we would be really glad to have you there with us.

#15 SpookyElectric on 7 years ago

@qutesis93 - it says you don't have PMs enabled - try E-Mailing instead maybe? I'm tschundler on gmail.

I am a big Durarara!! fan, so that definitely sounds interesting.