2010 teasing tread^^

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#1 trixyloupwolf on 9 years ago

yep here it goes again^^

just a part of costume or a hint just teasing stuff here^^

here what i have to say
youl laugh a lot at my skit if i can mangaer to find good stage ninja ^^::


also ill do all maskerade if i can manage to get hand on futur folio hahahah
the only one iam not doing at all is historiqual one =_= not my thing saddly ^^::

so what about you ^^
did you already start??
do you still have plan stuff???

tell me anithing !!!
there no info so let give us some fun info ^^ yeah!!

are you starting to stress did you buy your material etc etc ^^::::


#2 CapsuleCorp on 9 years ago

I already have probably 75% of the fabric for our SF/F entry, and most of the beads. I still need to buy leather, metal, and a wig. I vowed to myself I wouldn't show any of it prior to the masquerade, though, because I've already gone and TOLD so many people what it's going to be that I need to just shut up now and save the surprise. :)

My roommate and I have decided that we do need new hall costumes, so we're going to be doing shinigami academy (Bleach) costumes for Shuuhei Hisagi and Rangiku Matsumoto, and I'm going to be throwing together Sanji from One Piece. So those I can show as they go, if I remember to take pictures.

#3 trixyloupwolf on 9 years ago


me just can,t wait to do any of my entry haha i have something special hehe
dought =_= i need good stage ninja or friend if they wanna help hehe but i doub it =_=


hall costume ....mmmm did,nt think of it 0_o
so busy with all the other hehe!!
and well ill try to find any that fit my suit case hehe!!since were comming by bus ^^:: 24 hour drive waa crazy^^::::

#4 khenemetset on 8 years ago

Our Doll Contest entry is all patterned out and the doll is already made. Just need to find all the fabric for him, though we've already got lining fabric and a few other bits so we can do a bit more work on it. :)

Historical entry is coming along nicely I think all our final design plans have been finalized so we can get moving even faster, especially once we make the mock-ups.

As to new hall stuff...probably not going to have anything new save for the social idea. But, that's the way it goes when money has to be funneled into other things...like bills and getting electrical emergencies taken care of. -_-

#5 trixyloupwolf on 8 years ago

agree agree ^^;;;;

yeah i just can,t wait ^^
thanks for posting ^^ it make the wait worth it ^^ hehe

#6 trixyloupwolf on 8 years ago

double post sorrwy =_=

#7 supergeekgirl on 8 years ago

I'm stressing more over the stuff I need to have done by next month! I'll have two months after Kawa Kon to worry about CC stuff, and I have a good start.

I've got all of my fabric but still need to get some notions and hardware for my F&SF entry. I just learned the wonders of cloth mache, which will help with my weapon greatly.

As for historical, I have a lot of improvements to make from Archon...

#8 RaDragon76 on 8 years ago

As Khene said things are progressing well on the historical entry overall and my costume itself is coming along nicely. I really can't show anything from it since it would ruin the surprise for everyone nor can I tell anyone the actual title of my costume because that might give things away. I have most of my accessories finished already although there are still four more to go and my underlayers are all at about 50% or more finished. Last night we talked about design elements on the remaining pieces for both costumes and started to make patterns and mock-ups of those pieces. We've also located pretty much all the remaining fabric and notions for this although there are a couple of places we're going to look at before making final decisions on those. Also we found the perfect music for this one by a lucky chance. We'll probably send off our presentation to be pre-recorded soon since we've got the actual music we wanted to use for this. Our documentation is progressing well and I would say it's about 50% completed at the moment.

We do have a few new to the Costume Con crowd costumes for hall wear but none of them, minus the costume for the social, are very elaborate owing to the fact that our time and money are all going toward the Historical entry. Our theme for this convention seems to be tending toward historic dress. We have one set of 18th century costumes, one set of pirate costumes, two sets of Egyptain related costumes, and finally a couple of things from a non-anime media source, which ironically fit into the historic dress catagory as well.

#9 khenemetset on 8 years ago

Yay for more progress. :)

I think I've almost got all my accessories done, well at least basically anyway. There's still a bit of work that needs to be done on some of them but hopefully this weekend will yield some more progress.

Mock-ups have been made of most of the elements of the costume itself. Though I still lack a mock up for about three pieces I think. At least with a mock up a fair amount of the battle is already won. :) We've got another days worth of research to go and do tomorrow but it's really just double checking things and making some copies of elements we don't have.

Hopefully, by the end of the weekend all mock ups and all accessories will be done.

#10 trixyloupwolf on 8 years ago

waa i still did not start anithing =_=

single patern is very hard ^^::: lol!!
still trying to figure out how to assemble the pattern piece lol^^::

info was not provide weird weird pattern lol!!


#11 von Drago on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=trixyloupwolf;3302640]waa i still did not start anithing =_=

single patern is very hard ^^::: lol!!
still trying to figure out how to assemble the pattern piece lol^^::

info was not provide weird weird pattern lol!!


Which one are you trying to do?

#12 trixyloupwolf on 8 years ago

the girl toxedo thingy =_=

#13 von Drago on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=trixyloupwolf;3303571]the girl toxedo thingy =_=[/QUOTE]

Ah, the Burda pattern. Yes it is definitely not a beginner pattern but I think you'll be fine.
They do tend to sometimes skip a step in the verbal directions but the diagrams should help.
Plus their patterns are very well drafted so the pieces generally fit together well.

It's certainly easier than the man's tuxedo or the cheongsam.:crylaugh:

#14 trixyloupwolf on 8 years ago

not sure of that haha!!
but o well ill be trying my best to understand it my way lol!!

don,t know how will it result be but surely weird trixy way hehe

#15 CapsuleCorp on 8 years ago

Oh god...if the women's tuxedo pattern is the easiest of the three? Oh my poor MACS newbs. *pets them all and brings them cookies at the stitch 'n bitch*