Alright everyone! Who are you getting in shape to cosplay as????

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#1 Kasinator on 8 years ago

I ask this because:
1. It's fun to know.
2. Not many people mention this for some reason.
3. I am working on two different workouts that will fit the needs of everyone here!

Rules of this thread:

- State your planned cosplays

- Post your pic of planned cosplay

- tell us what you do already to get in shape.

I'll get the ball rolling!

I plan to cosplay bass from the megaman games:


There are very little megaman cosplays and very very few are good ones. So I really want to give the series the justice of a good cosplay. Six out of seven days I hit the gym Doing both cardio, and weight lifting. I eat very well, because dieting in my opinion is half the game to building great physique. I also get plenty of sleep in order to give my body plenty of recovery. :bigtu:

#2 AleriaCarventus on 8 years ago

Just a general thing, but mostly for Fang [IMG][/IMG]
I'm taking three day a week, two hours a day Aikido classes as well as walking everywhere possible. Playing DDR at home on the days I don't have Aikido, as well as stretching and practicing the things I can at home. I also only eat meals, no snacks or sweets, except on weekends. More information on this diet [URL=""]here[/URL].

I want to get in shape because, well, it shows off a lot of your body T_T. and Fang is a sexy beast and I'm... not, lol. But I let myself get convinced into doing this cosplay anyway.
ETA: I'm also doing an alternate version of Celty because I could never pull off her black catsuit... but someone tried to talk me into it!

#3 keinseele on 8 years ago

I wanna do Amy sorel [url][/url]

from Soul Calibur for halloween and novemeber convention so i have like 6 weeks to look good
i have been doing sit ups, weights, running and walking as much as i can, eating better
i have been trying to eat better but its hard! I just keep telling myself, HALLOWEEN!!! look better...hehe...
i need to start playing ddr...does it really help????

#4 drakeprimeone on 8 years ago

Trimming up a bit around the waist and bulking up a bit on the arms to do Steve Rogers aka Captain America


#5 emmisu on 8 years ago

Revy from Black Lagoon. I got a job and since I'm tried from it I kinda sorta let myself go a little >_<"
Convention is in like 22 days or so... must work quickly

#6 LillyRose on 8 years ago

Vanille from Final Fantasy XII.

I'm getting fit for two reasons.
1. Obviously because a lot of her shows..
2. I think it's about time I get fit instead of just playing video games all day XD

My plans?
I've totally cut out fast food. Haven't had fast food in months (since April I think..).
I try my hardest to eat three meals instead of snacks all the time.
Junk food and candy have been cut down in a minimum.
I became a vegetarian in the summer so a lot more veggies are in my diet now.
I've been trying to walk as much as possible.
I've been getting much more sleep lately - when I can.
I do sit ups every morning before showering.
This is going to sound lame: I've been playing wii more instead of my xbox 360. XD

It's been really hard to stick to some of those rules because of work and school but I think I've been doing pretty good so far (:

#7 sexytime10 on 8 years ago

Berserker from Fate/Stay Night
(No not the little girl)
Well obviously, I'm not going to get THAT muscular, but here's what I do to get on the right track. In the gym 6/7 days, muscle isolation weight training, I run a few miles each day, boxing / martial arts everyday (dancing some days, to meet girls, you know?). I do pilates each day for my core, etc. I do eat extremely well, nothing junkie and lots of high protein vegetables and meats. I'm sleeping 7/8ths of the day, that helps tbh. And Starcraft II exercises my mind and finger muscles, right?

#8 therob127 on 8 years ago

I don't have a planned time for the cosplays but once I bulk and cut there are a couple characters I would like to be.
Adult Gohan from DBZ [IMG][/IMG]
Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star [IMG][/IMG]

I've been going by a 12 week bulking workout routine that I found on Once it's done I'll keep changing it up to put more mass on. Along with the workout I've been taking protein shakes in between meals to get more protein and calories in my diet.

#9 NoirOngiri on 8 years ago

Hikaru from Angelic Layer.

I'm about to start exercising, I'm cutting out junk food (I say more than 150 calories per serving counts.), I'm learning the Renai Circulation dance (DEAR GOD), and as always I'm a vegetarian.
I like what I have to work with, a full year before the con.

#10 distantarray on 8 years ago

[img] foro/Hajime-no-Ippo-render.png[/img]

:toothy: lol if I get that much muscle and thin out maybe lmao

#11 distantarray on 8 years ago

oh If I did that cosplay I was thinking of doing it like this LMAO what you guys think


#12 Ghai on 8 years ago

At the moment just toning for Scorpion at Katsu. The real goal is one of two. by AMA a 300 spartan, or the old spice guy.

#13 Shizu dark on 8 years ago

- State your planned cosplays
A Crossplay of a Male Stalker from Ragnarok Online.
Don't plan to crossplay this till AX '11 but it doesn't hurt to start now right?

- Post your pic of planned cosplay

- Tell us what you do already to get in shape.
Started going to the gym, fixing up my diet; eating more vegetables and fruits and cutting down on the fatty stuff.
Though at the moment, I am trying to set up a work out routine.

#14 CrystalNeko on 8 years ago

Black Rock Shooter!!

I love BRS, I'm a bit Vocaloid mad! Was very excited when I saw the PV but then the OVA just blew me away *w*
Although I need much much skinnier upper arms, they're terrible D: Could do with toning up my stomach a wee bit more but my arms are my biggest worries ;_;

I already do ballet and modern twice a week, very good for fitness. And I have to walk for at least 2hrs in total to get to college and back, so that's five days a week (up a horrendous hill everyday no less LOL). I did use to do extra dancing in my spare time for an hour each day to prepare for my exam, but now that that's over I don't do that anymore. But exercise wise I think I'm pretty good. At least for my lower half of the body oTL.

I really do need to do some arm exercises though, I don't do anything to them so my fat goes there LOL.

I'd say my diet is good, but I'd be lying : P
During holidays I'm fine. I cook my own food (or parents cook it, we alternate) and it's just rice rice and more rice, Asian meals lolol. But at college I'm terrible XD. On weekends and evenings I mainly eat rice, vegetables and meat though, and I eat a good amount of fruit and veg. So my diet isn't terrible, but it could be better during term time.

That being said, on holidays I don't do as much exercise. And during term time my diet isn't that great. So maybe it balances out loool : P

#15 AleriaCarventus on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=keinseele;3644505]I wanna do Amy sorel [url][/url]

from Soul Calibur for halloween and novemeber convention so i have like 6 weeks to look good
i have been doing sit ups, weights, running and walking as much as i can, eating better
i have been trying to eat better but its hard! I just keep telling myself, HALLOWEEN!!! look better...hehe...
i need to start playing ddr...does it really help????[/QUOTE]

If you play on high levels it will. If you can't (like me...) play Soul Calibur (or Tekken or any other fighting game) with your dance pad! I can run through two Quick Plays in 15 minutes and it really gets my heart pumping. Plus it's ridiculous and fun.