Talim cosplay halp? D:

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#1 faptash on 8 years ago

I am not the best seamstress, but I am going to attempt her outfit for Soul Calibur 4, I do believe. Any help would be lovely :3

#2 JumpingForJoy97 on 8 years ago

Oh wow. Talim SC4 is one of her harder outfits to attempt really. But I have a few pointers!

You may want to start with the smaller items, though most would start with the bigger. So..it looks like the waistcoat or the top would be look like a good place to start.

You will need to plan both items very carefully and then start by thinking how you can assemble that top. I would get get a strip of white fabric that goes around you twice, meeting at the back. It need to be at the width of which that you won't flash. you will also need some gold fabric of the same length for the patern. I reckon you should sew the pattern on the material (after pinning and adjusting of were it should go of course!) before assembling the top itself. Wraping it around a maniquin and pinning it into position before sewing.

The waistcoat needs too be sewn the same way, but what you need to do is lay the material down, mark out armholes and work from there, you need to study her waistcoat from every angle, cause' gosh, thats a tricky one!

Hope I could help! J4J97 xox :wave:

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