Cassandra from Soul Calibur IV armor and weapon help?

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#1 Sauce-Kay on 7 years ago

Here is who I am talking about for those who don't know:





I am cosplaying her, and I've been having troubles deciding how to make Cassandra's shoulder armor things... I tried the foil/masking tape thing and then putting a layer of some sort of clay over it as a base... I used paper clay and its way too heavy, and I've only coated it on one side of it, and not including the details on top. I'm not really sure how to go about it, because foam armor seems weird for that curved shape, and the details. So what would be something that would work for her shoulder armor that's not too heavy? I saw a tutorial on how to make them, but that requires a lot of materials I don't have or have money for... though they did say they used apoxie sculpt for it... but is that any good?

Also, for her weapon, how should I go about making it? D: I looked up all sorts of ways, and my friend suggested the pink insulation foam stuff and fiberglass method, but after reading like 48335854 tutorials, fiberglass is scary to work with... and hard to work with if you don't know what you're doing. Which I don't lol. I have no idea how to work with wood, so I don't know if that's an option, especially 'cause I have no power tools to cut it and stuff. Also the shield.... I kind of have no idea how to go about doing that either.

I've also never made armor/weapons before, so tutorials help a lot. :>

I know I'm asking a lot, but I'd like to see what all I can do!

Thanks!!! 8D

#2 shadowfox57 on 7 years ago

For the sword why not foam with a dowl rod core that way itll have streght but be flexable. As for her shoulder pad a harder foam or resin might be the ticket for the lightness.

#3 StabbityBlkMage on 7 years ago


You can follow along the way I made Leixia's sword. They're similar in "class" since they're both short swords with a REALLy broad blade. I used bondo and wood, with the blade being primarily bondo. Check out the step by step though, once you scroll through the pictures it should make more sense.