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#1 Illa Scriptor on 6 years ago

Come to a battle of wits! Put your creative skills to the test as you work with your fellow audience members to write a short skit based around a random prop. Pick your team name and work together for eternal glory! In this skit contest, imagination is the only limit.

Interested? Read on.

WHERE AND WHEN: Tentatively(!) Saturday, 12-1:30pm, in Special Events

WHO: Hosted by Saucy Noodle Cosplay, performed by you!

WHAT: After introductions and an explanation, every attendee who has come to participate will be broken into groups of no more than five. Every group then draws a random prop (and trust me, they'll be random) and has 45 minutes to come up with a 2-minute-or-less skit. After the performances, the judges will decide who gets the honor of taking home some pieces of paper and candy- but really, the fun part is in seeing what everyone comes up with.


1. No obscenities or vulgar content.
[INDENT]This is an all ages show. Keep it PG, or you will be kicked off the stage.[/INDENT]
2. You must incorporate the prop in a meaningful (or hilarious) way.
[INDENT]This is part of the fun and the challenge! If you're given (for instance) a silly hat, don't just have someone wear it. Mention it. Tease the character about it. Have the plot somehow revolve around the silly hat. The more creative, the better![/INDENT]
3. Chairs can be used for any skit.
[INDENT]You're not allowed any props aside from the one you draw and anything that's a part of your cosplay. However, chairs are not included in this rule and you may use as many as you need.[/INDENT]
4. You can either use the characters you are cosplaying or assign characters to your group members.
[INDENT]Obviously, if your group has five different series represented, you might want to simplify things. Or maybe you're not cosplaying at all. Either way, you are welcome to assign different characters to your group members- just make sure to announce who is who at the beginning of your performance.[/INDENT]
5. Maximum group size is 5, minimum group size is 3.
[INDENT]There may be smaller groups, since it's unlikely we'll have exact multiples of 5. That said, if you're planning on attending this panel, you are more than welcome to come up with a group beforehand! If you show up to the panel with a group, we will make sure you stay together and get to work together.[/INDENT]
6. All questions are to be directed towards Adon (the Emcee) BEFORE performances begin.
[INDENT]Whether it's about language, content, what you can do (please ask before attempting any sort of feet-off-the-ground stunt), or anything at all, ask during your 45-minute limit, not while onstage. And please ask! We don't want to have to halt your skit for content or because your actions appear dangerous.[/INDENT]
7. Be extremely careful with the mics, seriously.
[INDENT]Extremely. Careful. They're going to be wired, so please keep that in mind.[/INDENT]
8. Not every member of the group is required to be onstage.
[INDENT]If you want to help out with planning but not get onstage, that's completely fine! Just make sure that the group has at least 2 people performing onstage. No monologue skits![/INDENT]
9. Maximum skit length is 2:00 and we WILL cut you off.
[INDENT]Someone on the judges' panel will give you 1 minute, 30 seconds, and a 10 second countdown warnings- we'll go over those quickly at the beginning. You are responsible for paying attention to them![/INDENT]
10. Not everyone who attends it required to participate.
[INDENT]Want to show up and watch the madness but don't really feel like performing OR being in a group? That's okay too! Just make sure that you stand back during planning, no helping out any of the groups![/INDENT]
[INDENT]Yes, there will be "prizes", but this panel is strictly for fun. Leave drama at the door and be prepared to be silly![/INDENT]

If any of your questions haven't been covered by this post, feel free to ask away and I'll answer them!