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#1 Kamikaze Miko on 6 years ago

Anyone doing any League of Legends cosplays?

#2 Ventus on 6 years ago

I always thought bout it..but none of the characters ever intrested me enough to dress up for till this year's new characters. But maybe I'll try for Varus.

#3 Kamikaze Miko on 6 years ago

Varus is super rare I hope you do it would like to see one.

#4 griffti6 on 6 years ago

as of right now im shooting for xin to be done by katsu, if anything it WILL be done for pax :P

#5 Kamikaze Miko on 6 years ago

Oooo awesome!

#6 Cblakesley on 6 years ago

I will be Dreadknight Garen for Katsucon. I am going to hate making the armor, but he looks fun to be. If you do Varus be careful on Katsu's strict no shirt policy.

#7 shipszer on 6 years ago

I hopefully will be doing Queen Ashe with my boyfriend as King Tryn :D

(EDIT) I will not be able to get it done in time D: I mean I've calculated out deadlines and everything and I won't be able to :(

#8 YukiAmuKuran on 6 years ago

I'm possibly going to do Lux one day (But it's a very big maybe D:)

#9 Kamikaze Miko on 6 years ago

Think we should get a group together.

#10 Kamikaze Miko on 6 years ago

Gotta be some more out there >_<

#11 Mistes on 5 years ago

My female version of Heimerdinger should be done in time. I agree to the meetup idea.

#12 Kamikaze Miko on 5 years ago

Alright sweet I will look up the photoshoot days and try to place one. What day is everyone free?
Times are getting taken up so I'll just post for Friday for 6pm for now.

If you guys want to do Saturday it will be late so please let me know. I also will post this on the league of legends gf.

#13 Kamikaze Miko on 5 years ago

Also let me know if you guys want a better time there are some times open still for that area.

#14 Private_Kaisser on 5 years ago

Jayce reporting in

#15 Kamikaze Miko on 5 years ago

So there will be events around 6 pm so the only other free time is 12 pm on Saturday for the group shots. So we'll just do that time. Can't wait to meet you all there I also started a look on the league forums as well.