Offering Last Minute Rooming For NDK!

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#1 tokyobarnrat on 6 years ago

Hi all,

We're looking to find some more people last minute for our room at NDK (yes, we are staying in the hotel the convention's in!). We have a few people have to pull out due to school, jobs, and other financing issues, and hope to get the costs back down if we can pick up a couple extra roomies. With even one more person, our costs drop from 72.50 a person to about 60 even. Message me, let me know, and we can arrange contact to talk things out. I will need payment at the con just to make sue we have everything set, and we're staying Friday night through Sunday and leaving Monday morning. The bunch of us are pretty laid back, basic rules, no drama, no destruction of the room or other peoples stuff, no drugs, under age drinking...basics. We're a laid back group from all over the place, and you'll definitely love us. And we're mixed gender as well so if you're a guy or a girl it doesn't matter. Bring sleeping bags/air mattresses.
Please please PLEASE get back to us!