Bleach Gathering Comic Con 08

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#1 Wren on 11 years ago

So even though only a few of us showed up last year the smaller gathering of Bleach peoples was kindof a nice change as opposed to the Bleach horde of Anime Expo

So who all is goin to go as Bleach? What day? Where to meet? Lets discuss it here!

[CENTER]MEET TIME: 2:00 PM Friday July 25
Place: Registration Area Sails Pavilion 2nd Floor[/CENTER]

[CENTER]Mini Saturday Tite Kubo Meet![/CENTER]
[CENTER]Possible movie premier gathering![/CENTER]

[CENTER][URL=""]Kubo Info[/URL][/CENTER]

Soul Society:
Wren- Shunsui Kyoraku
Natchan- Ise Nanao
missrelena- Momo
Chibi Lenne- Matsumoto(maybe)
mlarad - Matsumoto
Ketalia's Son - Hitsugaya
Yuna - Hitsugaya?
Toshi_Riku - Captain Shinji (spoiler-highlight)
AsianLink - Komamura
DEATHlikescats - Shunsui
Friend of Kid gold - Mayuri HM look
pookie-chan - Captain Rose (spoiler-highlight)
yamidemonkyo - Soi Fon

Hueca Mundo:
Crash Override- Espada adult Nel
Friend of crash- Ulquiorra
HinaxChan- Halibel
Kidgold - HM Aizen
doragon - Released Neliel?
Yuna - HM Orihime?
Friend of Kidgold - HM Tousen
Friend of Kidgold - HM Gin
Samurai_L - Grimmjow
marie78 's Boyfriend - Stark
Squall - HM Aizen

Living World:
Kandybar - Shinji?
Ketalia- Yoruichi
Hattorilucci's Sister - Hippie Renji
Kitsune-sama - Senna
DarkReflection - Ishida (HM arc)
Lady Saya - Ururu
IxHaku - Vaizard Ichigo
Friend of Kidgold - Yourichi
Friend of Kidgold - Bankai Ichigo
~yamayuri~ - Custom outfit Orihime
marie78 - HM Orihime
Rekka - Urahara

UPdate 3/3: Seems like we're shooting for Friday 7/25, morning or afternoon to be determined.

5/7: Date, Time and area decided

6/22: Possible Mini Meet Saturday for Tite Kubo signing.

#2 crash_override on 11 years ago

ooh ooh! i will be neliel tu oderschvank, espada version ^o^

i will also have with me:
- ulquiorra (good friend of mine)
- soifon (zer0_0verride)

yay bleach :]
i hope we get more people this time around.

#3 Natchan on 11 years ago

I should be there this year! I'll be showing up as Ise Nanao of the 8th squad!

So far its looking like any day but Sat. is best for me! I'm going to be in the Masq. and I don't want to worry about trying to make any gatherings that day. So any day but Sat is awsome!

#4 missrelena on 11 years ago

I'm coming as Momo! I'd love to meet more Bleach fans! (I've never been to Comicon before.) Like Natchan said, any day but Saturday would be perfect for me!:angel:

#5 Wren on 11 years ago

Last year it was sunday around noonish, i think that worked for everyone

#6 Natchan on 11 years ago

Mmm I'm wearing a Trinity Blood costume that day. But that day is better for everyone else, then thats the way it is.

#7 missrelena on 11 years ago

Personally, I was hoping for Thursday or Friday. Those two days would work better for me. I hope I'm not being too pushy, though.

#8 Wren on 11 years ago

We'll see when its closer to the event and what pannels are going on what day. Friday or Sunday probably the most possible days seeing as Saturday is the Masquerade and well i personaly wont be there thrusday haha

#9 Natchan on 11 years ago

Awsome, well... my vote is for Friday! But we'll see whats going on!

#10 hinaxchan on 11 years ago

aggh @[email protected] i've been waiting for this thread!
i'll be going as Halibel! :]
and i vote for friday as the gathering day

#11 Chibi Lenne on 11 years ago

I don't know...all I can say is 'maybe' I have a Matsumoto costume that I'd like to bring just beacuse it's a nice comfy costume to wear. However, first time to ComicCon and I'm probably with my friend all day. She's not a cosplayer and she's not really sure what this whole photoshoot thing is about ^_^()

But I will...I'll just have to bring the wooden sword to get it through customs

#12 crash_override on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=hinaxchan;2250392]aggh @[email protected] i've been waiting for this thread!
i'll be going as Halibel! :]
and i vote for friday as the gathering day[/QUOTE]

lol imma bring a blanket to throw over youuuu! so scandelous xD

#13 missrelena on 11 years ago

I vote for Friday, too! :angel:

#14 KIDGOLD on 11 years ago

Friday would be awesome for it I have 6 people who will be coming with me:
Aizen (hueco Mundo) (me)
Ichimaru Gin (hueco Mundo)
Kaname Tousen (hueco Mundo)
Mayuri Karatsuchi (new manga look)
Bankai Ichigo
Yourichi Shiounen

#15 Wren on 11 years ago

Looks like friday is turning out to be the day, but we'll see closer to the con.

Also what time of the day?