A few quick questions for you Brits ^^

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#1 kosakuitaly on 6 years ago

Hello! I just wanted to ask you.....What do you think about your countrys character in Hetalia~ and what do you think about the characters: France and America!~

from a clueless American girl XD

#2 Neelh on 6 years ago

This doesn't really belong in Cosplay.

But anyway, I think he's awesome. At least we haven't got Germany, since he's the brunt of most of the more racist jokes.

#3 TinyIta12 on 6 years ago

As a character I have to say I'm proud he's shown that way and his design is rather cute. As for the other two, I guess America's okay but I do like France a lot. Especially when he and England fight all that you know 'sexual tension'.

#4 Julesie on 6 years ago

The first day I saw an episode of Hetalia I was determined to hate England. Minutes later I loved him and he turned into my favourite character -until I set eyes on Canada-. I think hes a good stereotype really and I'm glad he doesn't have dodgy teeth.

America and France I like and pair them both with England. &lt;<