so sad :(

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#1 magesticflame on 8 years ago

i can't go this year because im going to montreal comic con to see tealpirate and kellyjane anyone else can't go ? it really is a bummer but i may beg my mom and save somme money to go and i do live in new-brunswick

#2 naomi_censored on 8 years ago

Torontonian here. My friend and her boyfriend are going, and I be jealous! I checked out the schedule and it looks like so much fun!!! I wish I could go, but I'm going to Fan Expo right after, and I just can't justify spending that much money in one month. T_T (Maybe next year, since I can't go to AN'12?)

#3 Mokmo on 8 years ago

also enjoy seeing the few 80+ year old that the main guests are, they probably won't show up in Montreal any time soon.