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#1 GlassCannon on 7 years ago

Hello all,

I'm new around here, so a quick introduction: I'm Samantha, lifelong costumer, but fairly new to the convention circuit, and in the awkward position of being a member who doesn't really like anime all that much (shhh, don't tell anyone!). I'm looking to potentially add a couple of conventions to my yearly rotation -- currently I attend DragonCon every year, BlizzCon most years, and San Diego ComicCon in 2009 and probably again in 2012 -- and CostumeCon caught my eye as a con that might match my interests.

Since the panel info for CC30 isn't up yet (and I assume won't be until closer to the con? if at all?), I thought I would look through the panel descriptions from previous CostumeCons, to see if what's usually covered would be of interest to me. The webpage for CC29 is down (goes to a GoDaddy page, so I think the registration has lapsed), so I was wondering if anyone here has an electronic copy of CC29's program that they could email me? Or any other fairly recent CostumeCon? Obviously the programming changes from year to year, but I'd just like to get an idea.

So if any of you happen to have a copy of programs from previous years, I would really love to take a look at them. My email address is glasscannon.lj(at) Thanks in advance!

#2 trixyloupwolf on 7 years ago

its not like other convention its more like conference convention ^^
and it has couple costume contest too
one is the usual maskerade the other are like single pattern you oblige to take the patern offert and make something out of it ^^

and at least 2 or 3 other costume contest alike ^^
well here some link ^^

well here costume con 27 web page ^^ (and still up^^)
the programing include those title here:

costume con 28 ( still up too)
the programing of it is here:

hope it help you decide ^^
costume con is great to make friend
and to learn not to be like anime or scie fiction or convention alike those
its another great experience then all those hehe<3

diferent does not mean bad but its diferent in a good way ^^<3<3<3<3<3
and its change location every year ^^

its my favorite convention ^^

have fun
french trixy ^^::

#3 Sarcasm-hime on 7 years ago

Trixy already did the work, but glad to see another (potential) convert! Once you go to Costume-Con, you'll be hooked forever...bwahahaha.

As Trixy mentions it's more of a relaxing conference for sharing ideas and information (with tons of costume contests) than the kind of high-octane crowded photopit like DragonCon and SDCC. It's a small con, but it's packed full of interesting stuff for costumers.

#4 supergeekgirl on 7 years ago

Off topic: If you do go, please do wear hall costumes even if it seems like few people are wearing them. A lot of people have been going to CC forever and are not comfortable in costume all the time, but those of us who are young Dragon*Conites and such probably have no problem being in costume all the time. It's nice to have more hall costumes at CC since it IS a conference on costuming.

(and please take the above as said with a light, cheery, encouraging voice since I can't get my tone across via text)