2011 Bleach!

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#1 i_love_yuki on 8 years ago

I'm going as Rukia this year just curious to see what bleach characters will be there. :D
I'm aslo coming with a rangiku an ichigo and a yamamoto

#2 Inoli on 8 years ago

I'll be there as Shunsui as always along with my ol friend Ukitake as well this year. ;D

last that is I'll be doing it Sunday ^^;;;

#3 i_love_yuki on 8 years ago

Hooray! XD can't wait to see it in person... your costume is amazing!

#4 Prota-Girl on 8 years ago

FFF and now I almost want to get my Aizen out for this. fghfbhjffhnmf

#5 Inoli on 8 years ago

awww you're too sweet I_love_Yuki! <3 its one costume I'm rather as close to finished as I can be with and love it to bits. I know I'll have a Nanao and at least the Katana form of my Zanpactou following along as well. XD I'm sure I'll leave con with a black eye

#6 i_love_yuki on 8 years ago

DO IT DO IT! XD bring aizen cause that would be aweesoommee! And I am being honest :D its effin amazing

#7 ragingphoxx on 7 years ago

I will be hopefully having version 1.2 of Lily done. (work on wig and wing things...)

#8 Inoli on 7 years ago

looks like on the Forums for NDK The same awesome Gal who did it last year has it back up. She's got her for Sunday [url]http://ndkdenver.org/forum/index.php/topic,5299.0.html[/url]
I do know for a FACT I can and will be there in Shunsui for Sunday. that costume though I love it to death.... its a bit tedious and hard for me to wear for a whole day event like Saturday.

#9 kimu on 7 years ago

Apologies for the time it took to get this done, but the pics from my camera are posted. (Some I took, some taken by others.)
Unfortunately there's a missing section of pics from some of the group shots--a setting got changed on my camera and they were all blurry and no good.
Otherwise...enjoy the ones you want, I hope!

[url]http://s942.photobucket.com/albums/ad266/kimu_cosplay/NDK 11 Bleach/[/url]

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