No weapons?

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#1 Caldon Reyn on 14 years ago

Sadly I myself shall not be attending. My poor rear lives all the way on the eastern side of Missouri. How ever there is a question I want to ask that I'm sure others would like to know. I understand and respect the need for zero weapons, props or otherwise. But what about things like empty gun holsters or empty sword sheaths and things of that nature. Is that ok or is that a no-no?

I'm sorry if I am asking a silly or stupid question that might get me in trouble but I would like to know just the same.

Also I am planing on attending Cosplay events in the future and yes my orginal characters do wear weapons. My question is what if I went there carring weapons that had the orange on the end of the muzzle? They are air type guns that take soft pellets only, they do look real but I would make sure not to load them or put an air cartridge in them. Plus I'd be sure to make that clear at the door straight away so I don't get taken away. But I wanted to know if that was ok or not? The items I want to buy can be found at this site.: [url][/url] (I know, it says guns but just go there and look around, I promise it's a airsoft guns, not the real thing.)

Thank you for your time.

#2 Admin on 14 years ago

Caldon - each convention has its own policy on weapons, and most of them are strict enough to not allow stuff like that. The last thing con security needs to be doing is constatnly scanning every prop in the room to make sure if it's real or fake.

Our *own* policy is zero weapons for the picnic, real or fake.

#3 stefaniecat on 14 years ago

I too am trying to navigate the prop weapons that are okay vs the prop weapons that aren't world, Caldon Reyn (not for the picnic, but in general for cons).

Airsoft guns fall into that 'grey area' where they're toys but they're not, and my understanding is that most cons won't accept them anymore.... which is a shame, in that they look good and are a quick accessory piece, but I do understand the need for security...

Anyway, like was mentioned above, it does vary from state to state, so do some net research. I went to the official government page on firearms etc. and looked up my state (CA). It was kinda confusing, as recently the law that pertains to toy weapons in CA has changed, specifically in regard to airsoft guns, so that I can't really get through the legaleese on this one to the part of the law that is the most up to date... but its a good place to start to make sure that you're relativly secure in your position....

#4 Caldon Reyn on 14 years ago

But no one has answered my other question yet. What about carrying empty holsters or sheaths? In general I mean.

#5 K_Valentine on 14 years ago

If it looks like you might have a weapon, you can get arrested and/or shot.

Empty holsters/sheaths may be okay, but it may cause people and cops to ask, "Where are the weapons?" Cops can possibly suspect you of carrying a concealed weapon. If you don't have a weapon on you, it'll be an unfounded accusation. But they may have to stop, detain, and search you to confirm that first (actually experienced that first hand).

Eh, you wanna carry anything resembling a weapon or anything carrying a weapon, go ahead but acknowledge the risk.

#6 Sagara-san on 14 years ago

K's right....risks are very high as far as said weapons and weapon holders go.....these are risks that only face us now because of security and their need to be EXTREMELY safe from harm of any kind no matter how ridiculous it seems.

#7 Reaver on 14 years ago

frankly, I dont see any harm in fake swords. Guns, maybe, but not really swords. But I don't think there is a problem with sheaths or holsters. Although I do have to say, not being able to carry weapons has sure put a damper on some of my cosplays. For the picnic, I was origionally going to do my Hajime Saitou Crossplay, but it would seem too weird to not have a sword for his gatotsu. So yah, it kinda sux! ^_^

#8 PorcelainSakura on 14 years ago

About airsofts:
I know an ex-cop that says gang members in his area had started painting the tips of their REAL guns orange because of airsofts.
So cops have a reason to be paranoid of toy guns.

#9 Reaver on 14 years ago

Yeah, I have a BB Gun pistol and I'm not allowed to take it outside nemore unless its in m own backyard! Kinda sux (the gophers finally figured out that they don't last long if they decide to live on MY territory!!! ) ^_^

#10 Clueless Case on 14 years ago

I have a question.....Can i bring my shinai since im bringin my kendo uniform

#11 stefaniecat on 14 years ago

This just came in the mail yesterday, in the newsletter that my brother's high school puts out:

(all emphasas is the writers of the alert, and not my own)

Orange Police Department Safety Alert!
Air Soft Weapons

Recently the Orange Police Department has responded to several calls involving jueveniles playing with guns. Althought these incidents involve mainly airsoft weapons, the Police Department CANNOT UNDERESTIMATE THE POTENTIAL FOR LETHAL INJURY in these situations. THEY ARE INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM ACUTAL FIREWARMS even to law enforcement. Lief or death circumstances require split-second decision-making. Each call is taken very seriously and acted uon, until determined, otherwise, as though the weapons are real firearms.

If contacted by police, immediatly place the weapons on the ground and follow all instructions given by police. Do not make any sdden movement. Follow Directions.

Airsoft weapons are replica air-powered firewarms that shoot 6mm plastic pellets. Since the guns fire pellets of plastic BBs at low velocity, many youths use them to play combat games and shoot eachotehr. They are nearly identical to the actual firearms and often contain interchangeable parts. As such, THEY ARE INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM ACTUAL FIREARMS AND SHOULD NOT BE DISPLAYED IN PUBLIC PLACES. Many ownder remove the required safety marking to make the weapon appear more realistic. Although marketed as such, they are not toys and can result in serious injury. All related safety material urges caution in use, including the wearing of protective gear, and supervision. The material also advises users "YOU SHOULD NEVER DISPLAY YOUR AIRSOFT WEAPON IN PUBLIC OF HAVE IT SITTING IN THE OPEN IN A VEHICLE."

Crimes committed with airsoft guns carry the same penalty as those committed with actual firearms, including brandishing a firearm to threaten someone, or brandishing in a threatening manner.[/quote]

#12 Admin on 14 years ago

Further example of why there will be zero weapons, yes even FAKE weapons, at the picnic. The police don't fool around, and that's fine because they're paid not to.

#13 Reaver on 14 years ago

Well, I may be cosplayng Seras Victoria(Hellsing) and I made her Halconnen (which is a bazooka), but it loox totally fake. No way it could possibly shoot or be mistaken as anything, would that be ok? Or still too bad? XD

#14 Chii desu on 14 years ago

Would something like a wrench be ok as a prop to bring? How about sonson's (marvel vs. Capcom 2) stick? (ask if reference image needed)

#15 Ashe on 14 years ago

Reaver- Yeah, I made that argument once too. The response I got from security was that it could still be used pretty lethally as a club.