Characters with white hair?

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#1 Turquoise on 14 years ago

I have a long white wig (enchanted wig from amphigory) and i love it, but a sesshomaru costume would take too much effort...for now. I have chii ears, so i was thinking about being chii, but the fact that my wig is white and her hair is blonde bothers me. So, before I take the artistic license and go to AnimeUSA as a chii with really cool white hair....(and here's the main question i know you've been waiting for)...are there any other female, or male, characters that have white hair?

#2 Himawari on 14 years ago

Umm, let me see..There is Yue from Card Captor Sakura in his Guardian Form and then there is Princess Hinoto from X. In Rayearth the two Arabian sisters ( spacing out on their names) have white hair too. And Queen Serenity from Sailor moon has white hair.

#3 Archelon on 14 years ago

Or you could just go as a random assembly line Persocom.

#4 Dyn on 14 years ago

You can always look in other people's cosplay galleries. They might have some things in there...

#5 Lyulf on 14 years ago

well Bakura in Yu-gi-oh , or basically any villain in any series seems to have white hair, with blonde hair. as for sesshomaru costume, I've seen great versions for sale on Ebay

#6 Michi on 14 years ago

Turquoise, actually.. in some manga pics Chii's hair is rather white. It's a platinum blonde, anyway. I've seen Chii done with white hair and it usually looks just fine. ^^

But there's um... Well.. XD I used a white enchantment wig for Kuja from Final Fantasy IX. *points to avatar* Cut it up and sprayed it silver, though. There's also, um, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.
Uh.. *thinks* Human Artemis in the Sailormoon manga has long white hair. :D And also in X aside from Hinoto, there's Kakyou... *looks around room* Yeah I'm blanking on more ideas.

o.o; Himawari, the sisters Tarta and Tatra from Rayearth have RED hair. ^^;

#7 NiGHTmaren on 14 years ago

There's always Ayame Sohma from Fruits Basket. ^^ Or Amalthea from The Last Unicorn.

*~Hime no Toki~*

#8 S3RAS on 14 years ago

I think Vicious from Cowboy Bebop has long white hair, doesn't he? ^^;

#9 sarabug on 14 years ago

well, the arabian sisters from rayearth have red hair, but there is suu from clover, it's really short though, you'd have to give it quite a cut.

#10 Turquoise on 14 years ago

[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]thank you lots:) i'm soo happy now, i have more options

#11 Din the Dancer on 14 years ago

Actually, if you went as Chi and people gave you problems, you could say your doing the manga version because they actually discribe her hair as "Ivory". And on the back of on of the books is her character profile "Hair:white" so yea, it's not really a problem...

And I'm blanking out on characters now. The only one that I can think of is Blamung from .hack. But it's short. ^^;; Argh, I've seen so many white haired characters too...

#12 Ginger Catgirl on 14 years ago

there's tons. I definitely think you should do Yue from CCS.... just because he has the awesomest costume in the world, well it's not really a he =^..^=

oh another really awesome white-haired.... well i think she's white-haired, huh I don't know actually. Hisui, from Wish... it's a CLAMP manga, anyway, I think she SHOULD have white hair, even if she doesn't.... *sniff*

#13 xie-chan on 14 years ago

There's Griffiths from Berserk
Akane Aikawa from Mahou Tsukai Tai!
Taiitsukun or Subaru from Fushigi Yugi
Zoicite from the live action sailor moon
Akio Ohtori from Shoujo Kakumei Utena (or Dios)
of course InuYasha.

anyone older would have white hair, but you have to be careful with old age make up and rubbing off on the wig.

There's Cologne from Ranma too

That's all I can think of offhand, but yeah, I've been debating buying a white wig for a while and it's actually going to be used for about three or four costumes. No cutting even involved ^_^

#14 Seraphim7 on 14 years ago

What about Young Delphine from Last Exile? There are some character sketches of her in a thread a little ways away from this one as of right now. She has a pretty cool costume.

#15 SongofAmazon on 14 years ago

There's also Apsu-sama from the Sailor Moon: Another Story game. She has loooong white hair.