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#1 Brian Keljore on 13 years ago

Well I wonder if this will get closed or not, or even if I am posting this in the right forum. In any event, here it goes. I just thought it would be interesting to see who you think fellow members should cosplay. The idea behind this thread is you suggest a character that you think would work for the member who posted before you and why you think the costume fits that person (mostly in the interest of keeping the thread from becoming spam ridden). I guess since I am the first poster in the thread, I am at the mercy of who ever replies first. I would like to see some activity in this thread, so make it good.

#2 CasualVillain on 13 years ago

Brian: Cosplay Locke from FFVI. ^.~

#3 Jaina Solo on 13 years ago

I'm of the mind set that you shouldn't cosplay a character based on what you look like. Just because you look remarkably like a particular character doesn't mean you'll like being dressed up as them. Also, based on the resources available to cosplayers nowadays, anyone can look like their favorite character.

#4 CasualVillain on 13 years ago

Jaina Solo: I totally agree with you, but this thread is just for fun and I think it's amusing to hear who people think you look like.

#5 Brian Keljore on 13 years ago

CasualVillain: hmm I think you would look good cosplaying a few King of Fighters characters. Specifically [URL=]Leona[/URL], [URL=]Yuri[/URL] , or [URL=]Yuki[/URL] . The last one is a little generic, but I still think you would look great in one of those costumes.

#6 CasualVillain on 13 years ago

I actually can see myself cosplaying Leona.. Maybe I should? ^^

#7 Michi on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=CasualVillain]I actually can see myself cosplaying Leona.. Maybe I should? ^^[/QUOTE]

Leona's a great, underdone character... But I hope you play the games first before cosplaying her, if you haven't already. She is a very interesting character with a great backstory.

I dunno how long this thread is gonna last -- we had something similar on the Babble Board before it closed down. So unless people keep their replies with good explanations and not just one word character names, it'd probably be closed. =/

#8 Brian Keljore on 13 years ago

[b]Michi:[/b] I think You'd make a pretty good Blue Mary. I mean, you already have a lot of fighter cosplays, so I think that Blue Mary would be a good addition to your collection. I was going to say Kasumi from DOA, but you beat me to it XD.

#9 audrey on 13 years ago

Brian, I think you should be Gippal from FFX-2 because I'm on a Gippal obsession and I want you to wear an eyepatch.

#10 Heidi on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=CasualVillain]Brian: Cosplay Locke from FFVI. ^.~[/QUOTE]

I agree! I think he'd make an awesome Locke. :)

#11 topleka on 13 years ago

Heidi, I think you'd make a beautiful Yuuko from CLAMP's XXXHolic.

I've a lovely elaborate costume, and you have such an elegant face.

#12 Nina Star 9 on 13 years ago

topleka: i think you would be good as someone from a fighting game. you have the perfect stace. you also are very bishi looking. try on eof those long-haried bishi guys. maybe itsuki from fatal frame 2? if not, elazul from legend of mana is a good character that i have never seen done before.

#13 livvylove on 13 years ago

topleka: Sasshi from Abenobashi: Magical Shopping Arcade

#14 RainSquall on 13 years ago

livvylove: I'd say someone kind of gothic. I think a dark kind of costume say Dark Chii or something EGL would look kick ass on yer.

#15 evil_neko on 13 years ago

Brian: You should totally do Homunculus from Shadow of Destiny ([url][/url]), which is an awesome game that I'm just completely pimping XD. But still! You'd be such a hot Homunculus X3