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#16 LostDonut on 10 years ago

Well large wings are always so hawt O.o
it makes the costume complete and out of the ordinary!

#17 DespairedPheonix on 10 years ago

lol I agree. I feel like...its okay for Dark to be Dark without the wings but Krad is NEVER without his wings...well, not really anyway. So i think my cosplay NEEDS the wings.

#18 sinisterspades on 10 years ago

lolz wish i could fly there. It's gonna be pretty hard getting my wings through the subway without attracting stares.

I will be cosplaying Dark Mousy, dunno which day though. I'm having wig issues, help someone? I'll prolly do a simple outfit with the wings though.... tsk tsk lazy me.

#19 DespairedPheonix on 10 years ago

what part do you need help with? I'm making my friend a dark mousy wig too ^.^

#20 sinisterspades on 10 years ago

im trying to figure out what kind of wig to buy so that I can style it on my own. But i'm at a loss...

#21 DespairedPheonix on 10 years ago

well, idk how experienced you are with wigs, but I'm using:

[url]http://amphigory.com/wigs_a_bessi.html[/url] that one, getting it in blonde and doing a dye. Then I'm doing some wiring on the hair to make it stick up like Darks.

If you aren't really experienced with wig dying, I'd go with the wisp on Cosworx:

In Purple, and get the wefted extentions to make the hair stick up

There's a lot of tutorials in the hair/wig section in how to make those sticking up pieces that Dark has ^.^

#22 sinisterspades on 10 years ago

thanks ^^

i was actually thinking about going with the wisp on Cosworx and just cutting it so that the ends were a bit uneven.

oh btw beautifulspirit
i hope to see you at Central park on the 25th ;D

#23 DespairedPheonix on 10 years ago

Yeah, that'd be the easiest way. I just have to take the hard road with most things >.> lolll

and I'll be there! Probably as Kazuki Fuuchoin from GetBackers, idk if I can fix my Okita in time :( but if I can, I'll be him...but most likely I'll be Kazu :)

#24 sinisterspades on 10 years ago

Eh, watever road you take is fine as long as you get to the destination X3

XD yea, I'll prolly be there as myself... i'll be wearing a white beanie... even in this weather... i kinda look like a rip-off of Chikusa from Katekyo Hitman Reborn when I do that... so I might as well draw a barcode on my face...yea... i dunno who i might be going as...maybe Badou...hmmm.... LOLZ Totally drifted off into my own world XD

#25 phantomthief on 10 years ago

Mine's a chopped up Punky~ [url]http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1120882/[/url]

#26 DespairedPheonix on 10 years ago

that works too lol

#27 sinisterspades on 10 years ago

mmm... now youve made me unsure as to which wig i should get... XD you look really good in those shots... hmmm...

#28 DespairedPheonix on 10 years ago

So it seems we have a fair amount of ppl actually doing DNAngel, perhaps a photoshoot? :D

#29 sinisterspades on 10 years ago

pfft, of course!

#30 LostDonut on 10 years ago

lol, u should make a post about who's dressing as who XD

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