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#16 LostDonut on 9 years ago

Well large wings are always so hawt O.o
it makes the costume complete and out of the ordinary!

#17 DespairedPheonix on 9 years ago

lol I agree. I feel like...its okay for Dark to be Dark without the wings but Krad is NEVER without his wings...well, not really anyway. So i think my cosplay NEEDS the wings.

#18 sinisterspades on 9 years ago

lolz wish i could fly there. It's gonna be pretty hard getting my wings through the subway without attracting stares.

I will be cosplaying Dark Mousy, dunno which day though. I'm having wig issues, help someone? I'll prolly do a simple outfit with the wings though.... tsk tsk lazy me.

#19 DespairedPheonix on 9 years ago

what part do you need help with? I'm making my friend a dark mousy wig too ^.^

#20 sinisterspades on 9 years ago

im trying to figure out what kind of wig to buy so that I can style it on my own. But i'm at a loss...

#21 DespairedPheonix on 9 years ago

well, idk how experienced you are with wigs, but I'm using:

[url]http://amphigory.com/wigs_a_bessi.html[/url] that one, getting it in blonde and doing a dye. Then I'm doing some wiring on the hair to make it stick up like Darks.

If you aren't really experienced with wig dying, I'd go with the wisp on Cosworx:

In Purple, and get the wefted extentions to make the hair stick up

There's a lot of tutorials in the hair/wig section in how to make those sticking up pieces that Dark has ^.^

#22 sinisterspades on 9 years ago

thanks ^^

i was actually thinking about going with the wisp on Cosworx and just cutting it so that the ends were a bit uneven.

oh btw beautifulspirit
i hope to see you at Central park on the 25th ;D

#23 DespairedPheonix on 9 years ago

Yeah, that'd be the easiest way. I just have to take the hard road with most things >.> lolll

and I'll be there! Probably as Kazuki Fuuchoin from GetBackers, idk if I can fix my Okita in time :( but if I can, I'll be him...but most likely I'll be Kazu :)

#24 sinisterspades on 9 years ago

Eh, watever road you take is fine as long as you get to the destination X3

XD yea, I'll prolly be there as myself... i'll be wearing a white beanie... even in this weather... i kinda look like a rip-off of Chikusa from Katekyo Hitman Reborn when I do that... so I might as well draw a barcode on my face...yea... i dunno who i might be going as...maybe Badou...hmmm.... LOLZ Totally drifted off into my own world XD

#25 phantomthief on 9 years ago

Mine's a chopped up Punky~ [url]http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1120882/[/url]

#26 DespairedPheonix on 9 years ago

that works too lol

#27 sinisterspades on 9 years ago

mmm... now youve made me unsure as to which wig i should get... XD you look really good in those shots... hmmm...

#28 DespairedPheonix on 9 years ago

So it seems we have a fair amount of ppl actually doing DNAngel, perhaps a photoshoot? :D

#29 sinisterspades on 9 years ago

pfft, of course!

#30 LostDonut on 9 years ago

lol, u should make a post about who's dressing as who XD

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