LoL Viktor, chinese or NA

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#1 thecakewuzalie on 8 years ago

okay so I'm building a viktor cosplay out of foam pepakura and I'm trying to decide whether or not to use the chinese art as a guideline or the northamerica(everyone else) art/ ingame character.
any idea's?
(NA viktor)
(chinese art viktor)

#2 AshesForAshley on 8 years ago

Wow! I personally think Chinese! :)
Looks so awesome and pretty BA!

Good luck ~~

#3 PsychoGit on 8 years ago

The chinese version is way cooler than the NA version :O But if you're hoping for people to recognize you, you might wanna go with the NA

#4 SL3661 on 8 years ago

^ Well for a champ that nobody plays in LoL. I don't think it really matters if you want people to recognize you regardless of which version you're doing. The Chinese usually have a better splash art than NA's. I'd go with the chinese version, it looks cooler and is more detailed.

#5 Frekki on 8 years ago

I love playing Viktor :X
Both pictures have the same basic shapes and silhouette, but I'd go with the Chinese version. He'll be recognizable either way because of his third arm, but the Chinese splash art is a lot more detailed and therefore more interesting, in my opinion. It'll be great no matter which reference you choose :)

#6 nakano13 on 8 years ago

That Chinese one looks pretty sweet! It's all personal preference, too (what you plan on doing with your cosplay-con/event)! If you want recognition, then consider your audience.

#7 Silver Ash on 8 years ago

Chinese one, hands down. Agree with the people above that the Chinese art tends to be cooler :3