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Rules of this forum:

This forum is for the discussion of cosplay photography - everything from posing, to equipment, to etiquette and beyond. Photo critique is welcome, however please be specific in what sort of critique you are looking for. Please view the rules below, as they are extremely important for posting in here.

Please note - at times we get hit with a few random photographers on our website who are just here to drum up photo business. Almost every time, they are from outside of the cosplay community and didn't even know what cosplay was until they attended a show with their friend the previous week. Most of the time, members report it to us and we delete everything before more than a few people see it. If you see any random photographers jumping in here and spamming the place, please report the post immediately. Additionally, if any photographer suddenly PM's you trying to offer his/her services, please forward the PM to me personally so I can nuke their account with my giant "Nuke This Account" button.

[*] Working Photographers are welcome and even encouraged to post in here, however, there is absolutely no solicitation in this forum.
[*] This is not a photo shoot scheduling forum. Please do not ask for a photographer, and please do not offer your services as one, for profit or even for free. I will be adding a section to the site in the near future to serve that purpose.
[*] Anything construed as an attempt to gain business will be closed and possibly deleted.
[*] No solicitation of anything, including camera equipment, prints, etc.
[*] No "seeking models", even free models, school projects, casting calls, whatever.
[*] Please remember that there are many, many styles and skill levels of photography. As with any art form, there will be as many opinions on what is the "right" way to do something as there are people who do it. Condescending attitudes in this forum will not be tolerated.
[*] If you are looking for photo critique, please be specific in what sort of critique you would like. It doesn't do anyone any good to see a photo without knowing what sort of advice you are looking for. Additionally, if you tend to take constructive criticism too personally, please do not ask for any.
[*] IMG code is enabled in this forum for inline images in posts. However please do not fill your posts up with tons of images for no reason. If you post inline images, please be sure they serve a purpose.
[*] No threads about "check out these hot cosplayers" with a bunch of photos of hot girls. Let the kiddie fan sites keep that patented.
[*] You can hotlink in here to images in the Members Gallery. I have always had the gallery set up so that the forums area can hotlink the image area. Bet'cha didn't know that. :) Just make sure that if you upload a photo to hotlink in here, you own the photo. Normal photo gallery rules still apply, and they apply hard.
[*] This forum is not for requesting photos from conventions or posting links to convention galleries. Please do that in the convention forums, and in their specifically titled threads if available.[/list]