Homestuck / MS Paint Adventures Gathering 2013!

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#1 Geek Fairy on 6 years ago

Placeholder for now!

Let me know if you'll be attending. :)

#2 hachiko27 on 6 years ago

I'll be attending as Rose

#3 ~Sharpie~ on 6 years ago

There's a chance I'll be able to attend, so if you're going to make a list, go ahead and put me under the maybe section. I'm not quite sure who I'll go cosplaying as yet though, I still need to decide. So I'll get back to you on that.

#4 shizu-chan on 6 years ago

I dont completely know if Im going yet, but if I do, Ill be going as Fefcestor X3!

#5 Distorted-SOUL on 6 years ago

Will be there either as sollux or male kanaya

#6 tweekPOP on 6 years ago

My friends and I are planning on going. We have militarystuck in the works right now (beta kids!).

#7 Nessie Toreador on 6 years ago

I will most likely be there as Rose and my friend as Dave. B)

#8 stitchez on 6 years ago

I have a few costumes already lined up but theyre pretty easy to switch from, so I' debating on bringing Dualscar since I plan on having him done for PMX :>

#9 Resident-chick on 6 years ago

I have NO Idea if I'll be going to ALA this year but if I am,expect me as Jade Harley Dead Shuffle version;Same as AX2012

#10 moonkistforlife on 6 years ago

I'll be there as Fancy Dreamer (Rumminov's design) Jane Crocker!

#11 camposbb on 6 years ago

I should be attending as Hitmanstuck!Rose. That is if I am able to go and finish my cosplay in time. Hope to see you all there~! C:

#12 Jude Harley on 6 years ago

edit dos!: Cronus. Maybe genderbent because my wig is giving me the finger.

#13 Resident-chick on 6 years ago

I was wondering if I do end up attending ALA next year,could I film it like I did AX2012 ^^'?Just wondering!

#14 Serket on 6 years ago

Not decided yet - either God Tier Vriska, Dog Tier Jade, or Fairy!Vriska. B)

#15 Alexa720 on 6 years ago

I haven't really decided yet XD
But I'll be there as either Fairy!Vriska, Fem!Dave, or Fem!Sober!Gamzee.