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#1 N_H_Sakura5 on 6 years ago

I'm just taking an early jump in this like last year. Let me know what you're going as if you know, or have some confident idea and I'll add you to our list. C:

Location: TCC4 ( [URL="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/24359255/PhotoshootLocations2013Beta2 copy.jpg"]Location[/URL] )
Time: 12 PM on Saturday

Digimon Adventure
Tai Kamiya - xshadowmonkeyx
Izzy Izumi - N_H_Sakura5
TK Takaishi - JSMC168
Matt Ishida - JSMC168's Friend
Mimi Tachikawa - Miliyah
Sora Takenouchi- Sakuragreentea
Joe Kido- Sakuragreentea
Kari Kamiya -mimi18hotty
Joe Kido - zeekayart
Matt Ishida - tigerxkitty

Omnimon- sharkgrrl2000's fiance
Wizardmon - Ayame_Higono
Gomamon Gijinka - betchyascream

Digimon Adventure 02

Digimon Tamers
Sakuyamon - Fleeshimon
Henry Wong- Tarouso

Digimon Frontier
Takuya- _Jun_

Digimon Savers

Digimon Xros Wars/Hunters
Baalmon -CirqueDuFolie


#2 MagiFox on 6 years ago

I think I might be coming next year as Takato from Tamers. (My fave season, next to Adventure!)

It's still pretty far away, but I want to post ahead of time for justice. I got my digivice this year from the Nominoichi, so that's kind of solidified one of my more casual costumes for next year's AN.

#3 sharkgrrl2000 on 6 years ago

I'm dressing up as Rosemon and my fiance will be going as Omnimon :D

#4 N_H_Sakura5 on 6 years ago

Awesome, I'll add those costumes to the list C:

#5 N_H_Sakura5 on 6 years ago

Ahhh my god, I couldn't find the thread so I had to search it on Google >W<

#6 _Jun_ on 6 years ago

I'm contemplating doing Takuya next year instead of Davis (since I recently got Takuya's shirt made), but there's one big issue; I have no idea how to make the data rings he uses in Spirit Evolution. And I really, really want to make those. At least one.

As an example, I mean what's around his hand here:

Any ideas?

#7 Pazuzu on 6 years ago

If you have no intention of making them glow, could make a ring out of acetate (the clear stuff they use for overhead projectors), and paint the lines onto that :B

I'm not gonna make any promises for this year like I did last year @[email protected] My/our Sakuyamon and Beelzemon will be done for whatever con they're finally finished for.

(Mostly I just wanted to make that ring suggestion >3> *threadstalk*)

#8 griffstar on 6 years ago

I'll be bringing a finished Burninggreymon to Anime North.

#9 _Jun_ on 6 years ago

...I didn't even think of getting something that glows. But now that you mention it...I'm going to look into glowing things XD

But assuming my want for glowing Digi-Soul (or whatever it's called in Frontier) fades, the acetate suggestion works.

#10 N_H_Sakura5 on 6 years ago

Happy 13th Anniversary of Digimon C:

And I don't have advice on the rings for Takuya, sorry. D:

#11 Miliyah on 6 years ago

ughh brb learning how to sew

#12 N_H_Sakura5 on 6 years ago

Yeah..no kidding lol.

#13 KazeChan on 6 years ago

Well, I am hoping this costume will follow through...

But I should be attending as Kazemon/Fairymon from Digimon Frontier for AN next year. (: I'm getting an early start for the costume this year.

#14 CirqueDuFolie on 6 years ago

I might be going as Baalmon, but nothing's guaranteed. I promised a few friends that I would match them so everything depends on that.

#15 _Jun_ on 6 years ago

Alright, since I even have the sunglasses and hat now, I can super-confirm I'm doing Takuya and NOT doing Davis.

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