Ipswich/Brisbane cosplayers?

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#1 uruha-fan-girl on 7 years ago

Hey, just wondering if there are any cosplayers in Ipswich or Brisbane.. Well close to these areas.. I have just moved up here (3 days ago.. I think), from NSW. And well, I just wanted to know if there was anyone interested in cosplay/anime/manga/ j rock/visual kei or what ever. Just curious thats all^ ^;

I'd be glad to here from you all^ ^


#2 xSYN on 7 years ago

Plenty :9 I live in Brisbane, myself.
Welcome to Brisbane? XD

#3 uruha-fan-girl on 7 years ago


Oh kool, nice to meet you^ ^

I live in Ipswich, but Brisbane isnt too far away haha

#4 The kid ^_^ on 7 years ago

I don't live in brisban but I go there often to see my mum

#5 uruha-fan-girl on 7 years ago

The kid ^ ^:

Oh okays, kool :)

#6 drakeae on 6 years ago

i live in the ipswich area. welcome to the area.

#7 Simetra on 6 years ago

I'm from the Gold Coast too. There are a LOT of cosplayers in SE Qld, the majority of which are from Brisbane. There are a few groups on facebook where they organise meets, talk costumes etc, if thats what you're after :D

#8 Dorainen on 6 years ago

New to the site and starting out as a cosplayer this year. Although this is an old post i thought id say hi from ipswich as well. Don't know many cosplayers yet esp ones from ipswich.

#9 pacifica-yuki on 6 years ago

I recently moved to brisbane too :D maybe we can meet up for conventions :D

#10 Creamy Mami on 5 years ago

I live near Brisbane, in a backwoods part though.

It sure would be nice to meet some new friends to chat about anime etc with! In real life, too! I'm looking forward to Animania in March, even though I will be going as a character from a western cartoon. I'd like to join a cosplay group so I don't walk around by myself. ;_;

#11 uruha-fan-girl on 5 years ago

Haha many people seem to live in Brisbane or the Gold Cost~
I think its cool to know that I live near some pretty cool cosplayers (some of your cosplays look really awesome~!)

So thanks for all the replies, its nice to meet you all^ ^

And there is a high chance that I'll be going to the con over at the Gold Coast.. Though thats a fair hike away haha.. But it will be my first con, and I'm scared lolol I think I'll be able to rope my friend into coming but he doesn't cosplay, and my cosplays arn't that amazing. But yeah anyway, are any of you guys going to the con?

#12 jackopalkia on 5 years ago

Well I am new to cosplaying.... kinda preparing a costume for the supernova in Brisbane but I am from the Ippy Area to.. not the best place but its still home :)

#13 owenwatkin on 5 years ago

I live in Ipswich!

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