MegaCon '15 Disney Princess Project

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#1 Kayla Marie C on 7 years ago

Hello! I'm planning a Disney Princess cosplay group for Megacon in 2015! I know it's a good time out, but I'd like to gather as many people as possible. If you're interested in it, let me know! We have most of our girls and we're ranging in our cosplays from near complete to just buying fabric.

This list is of the characters we need. If a character suddenly becomes available the name will be in red.

We Need


You can have any outfit you like best as long as the character wore it in her respective movie(s).

We're not biased in the least and we love all Disney cosplays, but our main goal is the canon princesses.

If you have an Esmerelda, Jane, Alice in Wonderland, Lilo, Tnkerbelle or ANY other Disney cosplay, let me know! I'd love to have a meetup!

#2 kayla364 on 7 years ago

I'm going as Tink with a Peter Pan this year. Maybe we could bring them back out for the group in 15?

#3 Thumbalina on 7 years ago

I've been wanting to do Snow White with my boyfriend as the Prince. This gives me enough time to!

#4 SkywardSong on 7 years ago

I've been dying to cosplay Princess Vanellope Von Schweetz! Plus this gives me plenty of time to figure out her crazy dress!

#5 notreadytorun on 7 years ago

I'm planning on doing Meg from Hercules, so if you guys have a meet up, I would love to go! c:

#6 Sammyzilla on 7 years ago

2013 Mega me and my friends did Peter, Wendy, and the Lost Boys so we might bring those back for a big meet up.

I've also been working on Rapunzel and dying to do Merida.

Edit: I'm also planning on making a Queen Elsa cosplay later this year so I should have that done by Mega2015

#7 RCEliot on 7 years ago

I'd love to be Cinderella, but at this time I am overweight by a good amount and don't want to commit to something that I can't guarantee I'd enjoy doing (due to my weight). Then again, I'm hoping to have it all off by Dec. 2014, so I'll see what happens?

#8 CiaKlivian on 7 years ago

I would love to join a group like this! :) I haven't planned on doing Mulan or Cinderella, but I do have a Briar Rose (Princess Aurora) cosplay and I hope to have Princess Aurora's blue ball gown done by '15 as well. I'll just see how things go and keep you updated. But I'd definitely like to join/meetup!

#9 Kayla Marie C on 6 years ago


#10 amayaanimenut on 5 years ago

My friends and I will be doing a kind of casual Frozen group. Me as Elsa, one of my friends as genderbent Kristoff, and a casual Anna (her fiance might cosplay too, I dk)

#11 nathancarter on 5 years ago

There's a princess group on Friday - is this that one?

#12 Kayla Marie C on 5 years ago

No, this isn't that group. We are meeting Saturday for the contest.
We need Anna, Elsa, and Mulan!

#13 MostDecentThing on 5 years ago

Say hi if you see me! I'm going as Megara :D