How can I get this location?

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#1 xcvi on 5 years ago

It may be a little early to be thinking about this.. but after I'm done with the current cosplays I'm working on (for my friend and I for Katsucon).. I think a really big project I want to set out on is a Bioshcok cosplay. Big Daddy and Little Sister. I was thinking about locations.. some people have done that aquarium in Atlanta.. which is amazing.. but I don't live anywhere near Atlanta lol.. plus it's already been done. Then it hit me.. there's this place near me that's kind of an entertainment thing. I don't really know how to explain it. It almost feels like you're in a movie or on a game show. The place has two "adventures" there's a spy adventure and an undersea steampunk adventure. When you actually go to do them on a weekend or something there's like to other people in your group and there's someone who guides you and there's like a mystery that you have to solve or something and there are puzzles. But the actual place. Inside of both these things is incredible. It looks like a movie set. You really feel like you're in this thing. This is where I'd want to do my photoshoot.. in the underwater steempunk themed one. The problem is how to get it. I don't think it's a BIG company.. but they're very official and all. They're in a really nice mall area too. The actual employees are really chill and seem like they might possibly be into all this stuff so they might be understanding of this but I don't know.

So.. I guess what I wonder is how would I eve book something like this and then walk in as Little Sister covered in blood with Big Daddy? You can reserve party times with this place.. but the thing is.. there are locations in BOTH the spy and the steampunk one that I'd want to use. The other issue that I'd run into is the fact that it's in a nice outdoor mall.. where there are people. I'd want to do it at a time that I'd be assured that we don't look like complete crazies lol.

Is it possible to book a party but ask them if we can use that hour and half for photoshoot instead? Do you think they'd let us? Since our case is so unique would they even give us access to both too? I don't know how to do this stuff! I've never done a photoshoot where it's actually in a public place.. I've always just gotten creative with the woods or friend's property's.

And yeah.. I know it's early to be thinking about it but it just crossed my mind and I wanted to know if it would even be doable!

#2 BrightCandlePix on 5 years ago

Reach out to the manager of the location and tell them you want to rent the location for a small photography and see what they would charge you. They might ask you to have insurance to cover in case of an accident.

It doesn't hurt to ask.

#3 the.footpad on 5 years ago

I would ask.... I've been to the Georgia aquarium SO many times, and as strict as they are about things, I'm so surprised they let a big daddy in there..... much less a Bouncer with a drill!
But yes, I would definitely ask. I just did a Booker Dewitt photoshoot in Florida, and we found a dock and a lighthouse, so that worked REALLY well, and they let me bring my skyhook and my mauser replica. I even went to some old buildings with the mauser, and no one cared.... So if they are nice like you said, they should have no problem with you doing a photoshoot like that.