Soul Eater Gathering 2013

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#1 Wolftale on 7 years ago

[center][b]Welcome to the 2013 Soul Eater Gathering thread! I will be organizing this gathering as well now, had so much fun seeing everyone this year and getting to hang out afterwards that I hope we'll be able to do so again for Fanime 2013! Feel free to post any preferences for a day or time you would like the gathering to be on, if I do not get any input as the time gets closer to Fanime I will be forced to pick a time without consulting so that the gathering doesn't get unlisted.[/b]

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

[CENTER]**Only join on here or the Fanime forum thread, NOT BOTH!**[/CENTER]

[b]Day:[/b] Saturday
[b]Time:[/b] TBA
[b]MP:[/b] G8 C = Marriott Side (tree area and side section by con center)
[b]L:[/b] G8 C = Marriott Side (tree area and side section by con center)
[url=][b]MAP FOR LOCATION[/b][/url]

Fanime forums thread [URL=";start=0;msg=428351;sesc=a45991242f90c2fb73c6404761c96411;board=30"]HERE[/URL]!

[b]::PICTURE ORDER::[/b]
Maka and Soul
Black*Star and Tsubaki
Death the Kid with Paty and Liz
Stein and Spirit
Death Scythes
Crona and Medusa
Shinigami and Death the Kid
Maka and Spirit
Black*Star and Soul
Stein and Medusa
Black*Star, Death the Kid and Excalibur
Good verse Evil
Group picture
[b]If you are doing another version of a character please feel free to list that when your joining, also if your friend is doing a character please do let me know and I'll add them to the list as well. I can list it as "_______'s friend" or their cosplay name if they have one.[/b]

[b]2012 Cosplayer Count: 33[/b]

[b]Current Cosplayer Count: 28[/b]
[i]Maybes will be italicized.[/i]

[u]Maka Albarn:[/u] Wolftale, demetria656's club
[u]Black*Star:[/u] [u]StarAssassin[/u], [i]Shinigami_Lover's friend[/i], demetria656's club
[u]Death the Kid:[/u] demetria656's club, Reyeda, nateb39007
[u]Dr. Stein:[/u] demetria656's club, darkbolo
[u]Ox Ford:[/u]
[u]Crona:[/u] demetria656's club

[u]Soul Eater:[/u] [i]gary925's friend[/i], StarAssassin's friend, demetria656's club
[u]Tsubaki Nakatsukasa:[/u] demetria656's club
[u]Patty Thompson:[/u] [i]grove_c[/i]
[u]Liz Thompson:[/u] [i]grove_c's friend[/i], abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy
[u]Spirit:[/u] Shinigami_Lover's friend
[u]Justin Law:[/u] Shinigami_Lover, demetria656's club
[u]Marie Mjolnir:[/u] demetria656's club
[u]Pot of Fire:[/u]
[u]Pot of Thunder:[/u]
[u]Azusa:[/u] [i][i]Shinigami_Lover's friend[/i][/i]

[u]Medusa:[/u] demetria656's club
[u]Eruka Frog:[/u] demetria656, Aoiro

[u]Free:[/u] demetria656's club

[u]Joe Buttataki:[/u]
[u]Shinigami:[/u] gary925

[center][b]THINGS TO DISCUSS[/b][/center]
[u][b]Feel free to chat on here![/b][/u] Don't be shy it's fine to use this thread for general chat with other fans of this series or about the gathering, you won't be bothering me as I check this thread often and will still be able to add people without problems if people are chatting.

#2 Wolftale on 7 years ago


#3 Barrons on 7 years ago

Hi there!
I was be attending the gathering as Blair, not her dress, but her casual outfit :) I also will be bringing a Spirit with me :)

#4 Msaju17 on 7 years ago

I would LOVE to be in the picture, but I'm cosplaying Medusa on day 1 :( On saturday I'm cosplaying as Gaara from Naruto to be in the Shonen Jump, Naruto and Crossplay gatherings.