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#1 Efecss on 13 years ago

I've been kind of debating to put some stuff up or not. But I finally decided to do so.

I am begining with some old picture of mine, Some characters I made for some comics I am working on. (Matron)[ATTACH]18306[/ATTACH]

And thenext picture is one I did for a fan fic, introducing female Decepticon Pretenders. (Mesmira)[ATTACH]18307[/ATTACH]

This one is I took a picture from Sports Illustrated, and drew a costume on her, or a character I made (I'll see about scanning in the artwork.) [ATTACH]18308[/ATTACH]

And these two, I did a 70 page manga for, and I am in the process of coloring them with my limited software. But, its coming out pretty well. I just can't do photoshop stuff.

More later, probably.

#2 Tetsie Seshi on 13 years ago

If you need a hand with Photoshop stuff, thats part of my job description IRL, lemme know what I can do, I'll be more than happy to help...heck without watermarks, too :P

#3 Efecss on 13 years ago

[ATTACH]18670[/ATTACH]Here is another picture I made, for a concept costume.

She's kind of a 50's-style queen of post-apocalyptic Earth.


This one is another drawing I did, over an existing picture I scanned in.
Not bad. Can't wait until I can afford photoshop

This is VICTORY SABER, Star Saber and Victory Leo merged together, from TRANSFORMERS VICTORY

Much to my chagrin, I went to see POWER RANGERS THE MOVIE. And when the Black Ranger said: "I'm a frog.."

#4 Efecss on 13 years ago

And now some more

Crow and Tom Servo trying to save the world as Superheroes. (Planning on making a comic out of this.)

Sidehacking is the thing to do... It dosen't matter if you have a low IQ

GODMASTER OVERLORD. Powermaster. From TRANSFORMERS MASTERFORCE. A character that was never shown in America.

Oneof my BEAST WARS POKEMON. And from BEAST WARS II, Alita 7

And another level of MORTAL KOMBAT. Shi (from Crusade Comics) vs. Sindell.

#5 Efecss on 13 years ago

My game Poarodies. MST-3Kombat. With the cast of Mystery Science Theater 300 as the characters of MORTAL KOMBAT

Some of the people from Star Trek The Original Series, Next Generation and DeepSpace 9 as characters from Street Fighters

The cast of Star Trek Voyager as charactes from Killer Instinct.

A comic I am working on, in a kind of post-apocalyptic setting. The INDENTURED.

And an animated music video I plan on making from a filk song: The HORSE TAMERS'S DAUGHTER

#6 Efecss on 13 years ago

And now some pages from my BEAST WARS POKEMON which I'm coloring... (Then thurning to black and white..)




#7 UzerLain on 13 years ago

You've got talent

#8 Efecss on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=UzerLain]You've got talent[/QUOTE]

Thank you very much... Now if I can only get paid for it...

#9 UzerLain on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=Efecss]Thank you very much... Now if I can only get paid for it...[/QUOTE]

I know what you mean, the problem is that there are so many talented artists out there these days, but hopefully you'll be able to accomplish your goal!! I'll be rooting for you :bigtu:

#10 Efecss on 12 years ago

Some new and old pictures

Pikatron and Alita 7 for BEAST WARS II Both an original concept of mine. Lio Convoy in the background is an actual character and action figure.[ATTACH]20966[/ATTACH]

Now, I am creating a webcomic about the Mytho-historical evolution of the TRANSFORMERS

Here is Primus [ATTACH]20967[/ATTACH]

And here is Unicron [ATTACH]20968[/ATTACH]

For some of the comic pages, check here: [url][/url]

And for CostumeCon: [url][/url]

#11 Ranma 1-2 on 11 years ago

Some of these I can see making great cosplays!

I especially like the Queen.

You got talents. :rockon:

#12 Shrukin89 on 11 years ago

Shading on those are awesome man! :bigtu:
Very creative superhero costume disigns. I like it! :eek:

#13 Efecss on 11 years ago

Thank you all. And now, my website is now open. [url][/url]

#14 Efecss on 10 years ago

New pictures for a new webcomic...

Gwendoria, Elf of the Fireblood. Main character. An Elf raised by humans. [ATTACH]29908[/ATTACH] I loosely patterned her features off of Liv Tyler But tried to make her more angular..

And a character called "Sheath" A Dark Elf, who can create an unbreakable sword that is her soul... [ATTACH]29907[/ATTACH] I thougth about making her outfit a bit more stylized, like a warrior or a mage. But it just didn't look right. Until I realized... Wait a minute, she's not a true combatant...

Now I have a preview page up for these new characters. [url][/url]

#15 Efecss on 9 years ago

I was talking with an acquaintance of mine in LA, who is part of a Mecha in Media gallery presentation, and asked if I would like to contribute some things. So, I am sending down some stuff.