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#1 Dante_realremix on 12 years ago

Ok the last thread was closed, so this is photos and tips ONLY! NO POLITICS!

#2 DJ_Izumi on 12 years ago

Actually, since the M->F thread had basicly become a 'general crossplay discussion thread', maybe you should have made a 'General crossplay discussion thread' so it couldn't be off topic?

#3 Anja on 12 years ago

[img][ Bilder ]/[ 1 ]/cosplay/test.gif[/img]

my new costume for the next convention... its funny, and with my best costume ever, my body is very female in it, because of all tricks i learn xD

#4 Leishu on 12 years ago

Very impressive, Anja. I'd love to see some higher-res stills of that too :D

#5 Mai Kirasaki on 12 years ago

Okies, I uploaded new pictures. Can I please get your advice on stockings vs bare legs now that I am wearing my costume?


#6 Leishu on 12 years ago

I'd say stockings, but I'd reccomend finding some that are closer to flesh-tone. The black is a little too offsetting...

I'm definitely no expert on this, though ^^:

The most important thing is really to do what you're the most comfy with and have a great time doing it.

Edit: Oh yeah, and not to look like Sailor Bubba while doing it either. :p

#7 natsukoarts on 12 years ago

mai, ohh- that is such a cute costume but i dont like the sheer balck stockings. i'd go with leishu's recommendation and try skin colour stockings definitely....

what kind of shoes are you wearings, white, black? that may affect the stocking selection. but i definitely think skin coloured sheer would be great.

i dont know the character, but you may also wanna try white thigh highs with a white garter that may be cool, or white stockings with a white seam up the back or skin colour, or skin colour opaque...

just some suggestions...

are you going to have a wig, or your hair.

#8 Meng Xiaojie on 12 years ago

Anja, I just wanted to say that you are my brand-new pookie for the evening. Your Jemima rocks hardcore! And from what I can see in the li'l video, you've got some pretty classy CATS moves. Rawr!

And Mai Kirasaki, that's an adorable costume! Go with the skin-tone, though, definitely. The black doesn't suit the light costume colors at all, and you have nice legs (unlike me, weep weep)--show 'em off!

#9 Anja on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=Leishu]Very impressive, Anja. I'd love to see some higher-res stills of that too :D[/QUOTE]

yes, you must wait 2 weeks, than is conventiontime for my jemima :)

#10 Mai Kirasaki on 12 years ago

Well I have my work cut out for me. Not only do I need to look for better shoes, a wig and I still have to make some alterations. The two grey straps are a little to high, should be lower. Also I think I need to take the dress in about 2 inches in the waist area. I took these pictures with clothes pins gathering the back side. SHHHHH it's a secret. (Honestly i just bought these pink strappy heels because I thought they where cute)

Does anyone know of a place online that has good prices on a peticoat? I am wearing another skirt under this costume for the picture but the black lace underdress needs to flare out more.

#11 natsukoarts on 12 years ago

Mai, check the EGL (lolitta) forums - the 'Lolitta girls' can probably point you in the right direction on petticoats...

#12 Leishu on 12 years ago

You can also find them at vintage clothing shops. ^_~

#13 Mai Kirasaki on 12 years ago

Thank you soo much. I never thought to look in a vintage shop.

#14 Mai Kirasaki on 12 years ago

Hmmm, I can see that I might want to do other crossplays in the near future based on my planned costumes. I can't see myself spending a lot on women's shoes that most likely won't get worn but a few times so what do you think about these shoes. I figure because of the color I can use them for other outfits too. [url][/url]

I am already working on buying materials and designing patterns for Ayumi Hamasaki costume and my other one is also female. I think I am set for shoes with male costumes bus since I do not have any planned yet I am trying to be frugal with my $$.:geek: :geek:

#15 Shego on 12 years ago

I can't wait to see your Ayumi Hamasaki crossplay^_^ So like what the game like? I wish there more cosplays for sale from PC Games^_<