New Silence Cosplay (Pics)

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#1 BigBlueBox on 7 years ago

Hey all, this is our new mask and hands set for Silence Cosplay, comments welcome :)


#2 moonflower. on 7 years ago

Amazing! Wow!

#3 Yet Another on 7 years ago

....what was I looking at??

(Thank god you aren't a Weeping Angel. But the mask/hands look AWESOME!)

#4 Creative Genius on 7 years ago

so awesome!
would you mind telling me how you did the head? I want to have myself and some friends go as the Silence but I dontknow how to make the head ~_~ i know how to make a head mold though!

#5 Camilleathome on 7 years ago

I concur with Creative Genius!

#6 BigBlueBox on 7 years ago

Thanks everyone, glad you like our work :)

In regards to making it, basically clay sculpture, plater cast then molded in a hell of alot of latex

#7 llewell on 7 years ago

I wanted to write something but i don't remember....

(Amazing! very good job!)

#8 crazywuzhere on 7 years ago

I... can't remember what I was reading on this post, but I do remember that whatever it was, it was TOTALLY AWESOME.

#9 seiryuux on 7 years ago

That's just amazing!

Um... what was I looking at again?

#10 ze0ro on 6 years ago

That looks amazing! Even better if you happen to be 7 feet tall!