Too much Internet-hopping resulted in this (no puns)

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#1 Crusader_8 on 7 years ago

Mane6 isn't the only team making a free download game of MLP, apparently.

[URL=""]main website[/URL]
[URL=""]Sample Engine Demo (there are others)[/URL]
[URL=""](this is one of those others)[/URL]

Heavily based on Ace Attorney. Looks good. Want.

#2 DarkFujin on 7 years ago

I wasn't interested until you said Ace Attorney.

#3 Crusader_8 on 7 years ago

It was really weird that I went on about an idea like this then found is website. It's funny, but I was on the fence about the whole mlp thing (but just barely) until I saw all this vidya gaem stuff being made for it. So I was like, "alright I'll research the show further..."

I've gazed into the abyss, saw a Rainbow in the Dark, and decided this ain't so bad. Now however I'm constantly in fear of rotten tomatoes being thrown at me for my newfound fandom. Can't be worse than the time I read the entire Fruit Basket series or the time I watched Ouran.

So anyway, hope you liked the engine demos. I enjoyed the confrontation feature demo, as it was dramatic over relative sillyness. The other video I linked was funny too, since everyone decided for the mane character that she'd be the new detective, and of course without her permission. Classic humor up my alley.

#4 Zweihander on 7 years ago

Moar liek "Internet-clopping," amirite?

#5 Crusader_8 on 7 years ago

*sigh* yes, u r rite.