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#1 Hellangel on 10 years ago

Hello, Everyone!

I have been given the go-ahead to run the TWEWY gathering for 2010 :3
Since I wasn't able to make it last year, if any of you have comments/suggestions, feel free to share!
I'm sure I bumped into a lot of you last year, though (I was Taboo!Sho).

Also, my team is running a live version of The Game (some of you may have seen me mention this on another TWEWY thread on the Forums). Basically, we will be using Twitter to send out Mission Mail. The ultimate (last) goal will be to [b]find the gathering[/b]. Accommodations will be made to those of you who cannot receive text messages, and there will be designated Wall Reapers and "Stores" at which you can 1) reach a checkpoint (i.e. fulfill a particular mission) and 2) receive help (deciphering the mission mail, etc.). There may be opportunities to skip a mission if you find the Composer or a certain Wall Reaper and win in a battle of Tin Pin, or the like, so make sure you pack your DSs, hehe. The Composer and Reapers will be in mingle mode at all times if any help is needed. (Don't worry, we'll make it prominent somehow that we're the team running The Game and not just random cosplayers.)

Both cosplayers and non-cosplayers will be allowed to play.
All members will be "Players," even if you are cosplaying a Reaper.
More information about to come!

Of course, you don't HAVE to play to get to the gathering. I will naturally let the Cosplay Staff (BSaphire) know where the location of the gathering will be prior to con, so you can just ask the Cosplay Gathering Info Table if you don't feel like joining The Game. (Or, y'know, go where all the cosplayers are congregating XD)

~~Gathering Status~~last update 1/12/10

Day: Saturday
Time: 11 AM - 1 PM (Gathering starts 1 PM)
Location: SECRET (though will be kind of obvious this time round XD)

Twitter: GAMEconductor

~~~~Attendees~~~~last update 5/25/10
( members are listed in blue)

[u]Beat[/u] - autumnsnow55's, wremble, Ciel
[u]Joshua[/u] - kuroikouma
[u]Neku[/u] - Crystallike, Knucker, autumnsnow55's, J Ryoga, Tobias
[u]Rhyme[/u] - autumnsnow55's, ocelotnvrlose, cateyedprincess, Reinna
[u]Shiki[/u] - Celcia, Cosplay Cyborg(real)

[u]Kariya[/u] - LolitaRei, PHAB JAMS's
[u]Konishi[/u] - autumnsnow55, grey petals, PHAB JAMS's
[u]Megumi[/u]- will [ishida]
[u]Minaminoto[/u] - autumnsnow55's, wremble's, PHAB JAMS's
[u]Wall Reaper[/u] - foxberry's
[u]BJ/Black Wall Reaper[/u] - autumnsnow55's, foxberry's, Drakochan

[u]Hanekoma[/u] - autumnsnow55's
[u]Makoto[/u] - Erudito's
[u]Princess K[/u] - Erudito's
[u]Shooter[/u] - PHAB JAMS's

(Non-cosplaying 'Players')
will [ishida]

PhantomShadow - Kitaniji or Mr. H

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

#2 Hellangel on 10 years ago

I've officially submitted to BSaphire the following information regarding the gathering:

[b]Day & Time[/b]: Saturday @ 1 PM
[b]Meeting Place & Location[/b]: SECRET (BSaphire knows the location, though)

EVENT ("The Game"):
[i]Day & Time[/i]: Saturday 11 AM (this is when we will start sending out Mission Mail)
[i]MP & L[/i]: None (game objectives will be Twittered; we will also provide the Cosplay Table with objective/game flyers for those who cannot access Twitter)
[i]Notes[/i]: Open to both cosplayers and non-cosplayers.

Nothing's really changed from what we last discussed. If you have any concerns/conflicts with the time/day/location, please say so! There's enough time to make changes as necessry :)

#3 Celcia on 10 years ago

I'll probably be there as Shiki. X3

#4 autumnsnow55 on 10 years ago

seeing this made me want to cosplay konishi, i put that up on facebook and a bunch of my friends want to do it with me so.. horray for twewy ^^

as for the group(other than myself), i [i]may[/i] have a Neku, Beat, Rhyme, Mr. H, Minaminoto, and a black wall reaper.

#5 fandalia on 10 years ago

If i'm able to go this year i will be konishi.

#6 Hellangel on 10 years ago

List updated!!

#7 Hellangel on 10 years ago

Er, CosCom is getting glitchy on me, so I don't know if the first post updated or not. If you don't see an update for 1/22/10, you can view the updated list on FanimeForum:

#8 LolitaRei on 10 years ago

Put me down as Koki Kariya!

#9 J Ryoga on 10 years ago

Sakuraba Neku, right here.

#10 PhantomShadow on 10 years ago

Oh. My. God. This sounds amazing. Count me in. I'll be either Mr. H or Kitaniji. I'd love to be part of the game. :o

#11 Hellangel on 10 years ago

list updated!

sorry, it's not letting me update here, so here's the link to the list on FanimeForums:

#12 Cosplay Cyborg on 10 years ago

This sounds like an epic idea!! Count me in~ If I finish it in time, I'll be Shiki's "real world" appearance.

- Cy

#13 kuroikouma on 10 years ago

I'll more than likely be there as Joshua~ ;D

#14 Hellangel on 9 years ago

list updated!

#15 ocelotnvrlose on 9 years ago

I'll be there as Rhyme.