Homestuck Cosplay 2011

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#1 Ol_Fighty on 7 years ago

Had a lot of fun at Anime North, is anyone cosplaying Homestuck/MPSA for Fanexpo?

Dave (Alpha) - Deathcakes
??Dave (Alpha) - Murdoc
Dave ([I]50sstuck!greaser)[/I] - Lan
Dave ([I]Got Tiger)[/I] - LadyLaela
Dave (Thighhigh!Fem!Dave)- hiddenmagnolia
Dave or Karkat - Koi
Dave - Rae Ayanami
Dave ([I]50sstuck)[/I] - LadyLaela
Dave (Little!Dave)- LadyLaela
Dave (troll) - camm
Dave - Feivrouge
Dave - hiddenmagnolia
Dave (Alpha) - bumbley
Dave (50sstuck) - bumbley
Dave - Jcalley
Dave ([I]puppet!tux)[/I] - LadyLaela
Jade ([I]Iron Lass)[/I] – jacqoff
Jade ([I]50sstuck)[/I] – HareyuNanami
Jade ([I]Snowman/3am Jade)[/I] - Reindrops
Jade (troll) - jacqoff
Jade (eclectica dress with squiddle jacket) - palpable/emmy
Jade (Electrica) – HareyuNanami
Jade (50sstuck) – Reindrops
Jade (God Tiger) – HareyuNanami
John (fem!God Tiger) - Jayuna
??John (God Tiger) - Watt
??John (Fem!John) - Vann**
John (50sstuck) - Hero
John or Kanaya - Koi's friend 1
John (50sstuck) - Lizu-chan
John (troll) - Joromy
John (God Tiger) - Joromy
John - Normally
John - Jcalley
??Rose (50sstuck)- delicateschism
??Rose (50sstuck)- Fufufu
Rose (50sstuck)- Jewce
Rose (troll) - teddybearbones
Rose - Jewce
Rose (troll) - Maddy
Rose - opensoulsurgery

??Karkat - Watt
Karkat (God Tiger)- bumbley
Karkat (pants!kat)- Tsuki
Karkat (50sstuck!pantskat) - Tsuki
Karkat (50sstuck)- Tuna
Karkat - Tuna
Karkat - Shockro
Aradia (50sstuck) - Impossiblypossible
Aradia - paraELLE
Aradia - palpable/emmy
Aradia?? - HareyuNanami
[COLOR="brown"]Tavros (50sstuck) - Maddy
[COLOR="Brown"]Tavros - wicked_ryan
Sollux - Cyborg771
??Sollux - Murdoc
Sollux (steam!stuck)- Mr. Headstrong
Sollux (troll!cops) - Mr. Headstrong
??Sollux (50sstuck)- Shockro
Sollux (goggles version)- Seth
Sollux - palpable/emmy's friend 1
Sollux - Jcalley
Nepeta – Darkenedavo
Nepeta – Catastrophilia
??Nepeta (50sstuck)– Rei-Azalia
Nepeta – palpable/emmy's friend 2
Nepeta – Rei-Azalia
Nepeta – LadyLaela
??Kanaya - Murdoc
Kanaya (Kanpire) - hiddenmagnolia
Kanaya (50sstuck) - hiddenmagnolia
Kanaya - paraELLE friend 1
Kanaya - palpable/emmy's friend 3
Kanaya - WonderKittyTomo
??Terezi – Watt
Terezi – paraELLE friend 2
Terezi – palpable/emmy's friend 4
Terezi (50sstuck) - TeatimeDuchess
Terezi – TeatimeDuchess
Terezi – Feivrouge
Terezi (50stuck) - Miranda-chan
Terezi (God Tier) - Miranda-chan
Vriska – Ainam
??Vriska - Watt
Vriska (Tinker!Vriska) - Miranda-chan
Vriska (MTF ) - Tsuki
Vriska (50sstuck) – ParaELLE
Vriska – ParaELLE
Vriska (50sstuck) – Reindrops's friend 1
Vriska (God Tier) – Miranda-chan
Male!Vriska - martyk
Vriska - Angathol
Vriska (God Tier) – ZethRina
Equius - Lizu-chan
Equius (50sstuck)- TeatimeDuchess's friend
Equius - Stawberry-Plum's brother
Equius - TeatimeDuchess's friend
Equius- ZiplocNinja
Equius - AJ Cresent
Equius (50sstuck)- Ol_Fighty
Equius - Ol_Fighty
??Gamzee (50sstuck) - Elle
Gamzee(sober) - Ol_Fighty
Gamzee (50sstuck) - Mr. Headstrong
Gamzee - Jewce
Gamzee - Stawberry-Plum
??Eridan - Lan
Eridan - Copickat
Eridan- Shockro
Eridan (50sstuck) - Jcalley
Eridan- ZiplocNinja
Eridan- Ol_Fighty
Eridan (God Tier) - Ol_Fighty
??Feferi – Murdoc
Feferi – Koneckt
Feferi – Bewinged
Feferi (50sstuck)– Bewinged

[U]Guardians, Lusus & Ancestors:[/U]
Bro - Feivrouge's friend
Bro - Jcalley
Bro (w/ Lil' Cal props) l - Tsuki
Bro (50sstuck) - influxsoul
Bro (w/smuppets & Lil' Cal props) - influxsoul
Mom - Ol_fighty
Reglare - Miranda-chan
Mindfang - Bewinged
Dualscar - Bewinged's Sollux
Dualscar (50sstuck) - Ol_fighty

Wayward Vagabond - Shadow-chan
Spades Slick - Catastrophilia

Davesprite - LadyLaela
Jadesprite – jewce
Jaspersprite – LadyLaela’s friend 2

Diamonds Droog, John - Jcalley

{LIST OF [U]APPEARANCES[/U] BY DAY}[/URL] <=link to post in this thread

#2 JCalley on 7 years ago

I'll probably be Sollux for a day, not sure if I plan on doing Gamzee again (I may, I may not), Maybe an updated Diamonds Droog, Dave, John, etc.

Why can't I hold all these costumes?

#3 LuluHime on 7 years ago

If things go well and my sister and I could go, she might bring back her Vriska from Anime North and I might bring back my Jade Harley cosplay OR I might be Aradia cues she is finished but sitting in the closet XD

#4 Fievrouge on 7 years ago

Definitely doing Terezi again >8] Thinking I might attempt the pshwoop rocket wings as a functional prop if I'm feeling ambitious. Aaaaand I'll probably end up as Dave again at least one day because damnit, it's easy and inconspicuous.

#5 AJ the Collector on 7 years ago

Gonna try and attend as Equius.

#6 LuluHime on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=AJ Crescent;3972011]Gonna try and attend as Equius.[/QUOTE]

If I see you. I shall hug you. XD

So I have decided if I go to FanExpo I am going to do omni-wings design of Jade Harley GOD TIER outfit. And I am going to put together a Vriska God Tier outfit for my sister as well =D

#7 LadyLaela on 7 years ago

Fff well. Dave's going to be making a reappearance with the timetables, and one of the suits. Thinking about the white one. The timetables didn't get enough time in the spotlight at AN so I really want to bring them out again.

People thinking about doing Equius - PLEASE tell me what day! I'm bringing Nepeta back and if I don't pounce at least one Equius this time I will cry.

My new Bro and I (I don't think she has an account on here) will be making her Bro cosplay awesome for Fanexpo and on Saturday I'm going to be little!Dave. I actually just painted the heart shirt today, and all I have to do is fix up my Bro shades. We're going to be making some smuppets as well as Cal, hopefully... I'm super excited to do it, I've never seen the kids done younger before. I also have a bit of a mission to do every Dave outfit ever, so...

Most excitingly, I'm going to be going to the masquerade as Davesprite! A friend of mine (not on here) is going to be doing Jaspersprite and we think we have a Jadesprite as well. It's going to be super epic. I've got to get started on the wings right away!

#8 AJ the Collector on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=LadyLaela;3972162]People thinking about doing Equius - PLEASE tell me what day! I'm bringing Nepeta back and if I don't pounce at least one Equius this time I will cry.[/QUOTE]

Saturday or Sunday. Looking forward to seeing you there. :33

btw, would you happen to be the Nepeta whose group I hung out with on the Sunday of Anime North?

#9 LadyLaela on 7 years ago

If the group included a bro and a sis almost constantly involved in shenanigans or cuddles, then that was actually my friend in most of my nepeta costume, which I wore on saturday. I was bro!

I was planning on wearing nep sunday at fanexpo, so prepare for tacklepounce! :33

#10 AJ the Collector on 7 years ago

Well, I at least remember the group having a Sollux and a Rose. XD

I'll prepare myself should Sunday be the day I end up going! X33

#11 ZiplocNinja on 7 years ago

Gonna decide probably closer to the date on whether I'm bringing Equius or Eridan.

#12 Ol_Fighty on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=ZiplocNinja;3986369]Gonna decide probably closer to the date on whether I'm bringing Equius or Eridan.[/QUOTE]

No problem. XD I put the list up because I was like, might as well. More Eridan! I decided to cosplay Eridan due to lack of Eridan.

I am going to get as many gag photos of you as possible.

#13 Miranda-chan on 7 years ago

If I finish them, I may debut Got Tiger and/or Redglare Terezi :33

#14 AJ the Collector on 7 years ago

Still deciding on the date I attend on, might be Saturday instead but I'll keep everyone updated.

#15 martyk on 7 years ago

I may do a very, very simple costume just for fun for when I'm not wearing my main costume. Don't know what yet or even if I will really though. Still, very much looking forward to seeing all the Homestuck cosplayers that do show up.