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#1 Sharysa on 12 years ago

Since I made them as my best friend's late-birthday/early-graduation present, I figured I should teach other people how to modify their own sunglasses into Vash the Stampede's.

Here are the materials you'll need:
[b]-Base glasses with orange lenses.[/b] (They should have circular/oval lenses, but the color alone is definitely recognizable as long as it's close.)
[b]-Cardboard.[/b] (The thin cereal-box kind. You'll need one side of the box.)
[b]-Tape.[/b] (Yellow masking tape is preferred, but Scotch tape is okay.)
[b]-Scissors/Box cutter/Exact-o knife.[/b]
[b]-Pliers/Wire cutter.[/b] (Depends on how thick the frames are--I learned the hard way that flat frames do NOT mean they're easier to cut. Therefore, I recommend pliers.)
[b]-Acrylic Paint.[/b] (Matching the frames as closely as possible.)

Here are the two methods you can pick:
[b]-Paper-mache.[/b] (Glue/flour, water, and newspaper)
[b]-Clay.[/b] (Airdrying HIGHLY preferred.)

And now, the actual instructions!

1. Make the zigzags that will replace sections of the glasses' frames. Instead of the really tiny ones I see occasionally, I made mine two inches long and about an inch tall so they could take up most of the frames like the real Vash's glasses do. Trace or draw the first one onto the cardboard, then cut it out with whichever sharp utensil you have to help you trace out the rest. Make four in total so you can tape a pair of them together and make them less fragile and more flexible. It takes about ten minutes.

2. Cover the zigzags with tape. Masking tape is highly preferred, but it's not the end of the world if you only have Scotch tape. If you're using paper mache, make sure they don't stick to the surface they're drying on. If you're using clay and don't like the feel of it up against your face, only cover the outside parts of the zigzags. Even if you cover the entire pieces, there's a reason I stressed the "air-drying" part--cardboard and tape do NOT mix with an oven. Clay users should have something like [URL="http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b124/CrossoverQueen/Cosplay progress/step1zigzags.jpg"]this picture[/URL]. I shouldn't need to show you what paper-mache looks like.

3. CAREFULLY remove the sections of the frame that won't be needed, starting from the joints in the metal. You don't want small, pointy objects flying into your face if you use wire-cutters, and you don't want to bend the rest of the frames too much if you use pliers to take out sections. Remember not to take out too much of the frames--you'll still need some of it to glue the zigzags onto.

4. Use a thin layer of glue to attach the earpieces to the zigzags, then use more glue to smooth out the places of attachment. Keep the frames as straight as possible, otherwise it might feel weird once you wear them. Your glasses should [URL="http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b124/CrossoverQueen/Cosplay progress/step2frames.jpg"]now look like this[/URL].

5. Make whatever finishing touches you need, then paint the zigzags to match the glasses' frames. Use at least two coats of paint and remember to let each coat dry before the next one. Here's what I had [URL="http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b124/CrossoverQueen/Cosplay progress/step3novarnish.jpg"]at that point[/URL].

6. Varnish the zigzags and some of the actual frames to make sure it's totally covered. Again, put at least two coats on and let them dry.

Then you're done.

Here's the finished product compared to the original.

[url]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b124/CrossoverQueen/Cosplay progress/Vashbaseabove.jpg[/url]
[url]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b124/CrossoverQueen/Cosplay progress/step4finishedstanding.jpg[/url]

And they are wearable, as proved by this. (Sorry about the splotches--I forgot to wipe the mirror and now all the dust shows. :D )

[url]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b124/CrossoverQueen/Cosplay progress/step5finished.jpg[/url]

[b]Note:[/b] It should only take you a day or two to make these. However, it took me two weeks to finish them because of school. (Which I will be graduating tomorrow on [i]Friday the Thirteenth![/i] XD ) My friend loves them, and he said he'd wear them as often as he could.

#2 LordDraco3 on 12 years ago

Pretty cool! Flea markets and other related places should have round frames with colored lenses if you look hard enough. I have some black frames with perfectly circular *red* lenses that I bought at trader's villiage about 4 years ago. I think I might make my own sunglass frames of AWSOME with this guide =D

#3 Sharysa on 12 years ago

I found my base glasses at Santa Cruz for about five bucks. I saw them and I went "HOSHIT VASH THE STAMPEDE!!!"

Also, I'm glad you like my tutorial--it's pretty easy to modify glasses anyway.

#4 captain0marauding on 12 years ago

Wow, this is amazing. I am SO making these over the summer.

#5 Sharysa on 12 years ago

Am I the first actual cosplayer to make Vash's glasses? That's what I'm getting from you guys and the lack of critiques/ (other) tutorials on here.


#6 LordDraco3 on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=Sharysa;2475797]Am I the first actual cosplayer to make Vash's glasses? That's what I'm getting from you guys and the lack of critiques/ (other) tutorials on here.


I just haven't found the motivation to cosplay as Vash yet, but the glasses are awsome anyways.
I stopped wearing my red ones though since after wearing them for 10 minutes or more, I lose the ability to see red for a while after I take them off (not being able to see my favorite color suuuucks)! So I don't know if color lenses will actually damage eyes, but I like being able to see all the colors of the rainbow xD

#7 Sharysa on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=LordDraco3;2476493]So I don't know if color lenses will actually damage eyes, but I like being able to see all the colors of the rainbow xD[/QUOTE]

Actually, the orange lenses make everything look more vibrant and colorful. It's like everything's drenched in awesome.

Also, I just noticed the weirdness in the photos: The actual color of the zigzags is somewhere in-between the two finished photos. They don't perfectly match the frames, but they're definitely not that weird orange-brown in the photo I'm wearing them.

#8 TekoMuto on 12 years ago

nice! wish I read this before I ordered official ones off of ebay XD

#9 Crysys on 11 years ago

just to make sure you did use glue to connect the frame to the glasses right?

#10 Archangel_i on 9 years ago

this really helps me to think through on the different stage for the making of Vash Sunglasses.

#11 sweetnsassy on 9 years ago

My friend loves you for this tutorial. She's been looking for some glasses for her boyfriend's vash cosplay and this will help her tons. She says, "Sweeettt!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!"

#12 RoseHanabira on 9 years ago

I'm glad this was thread was necro'd! Bookmarked!

#13 ohjimmyboy on 9 years ago

thanks for the tutorial, i needed some glasses for my vash cos. :p

#14 inki on 9 years ago

:O thanks! I didnt think anyone would have a vash sunglasses tutorial! >w

#15 Hayroon on 8 years ago

Well, this seems much easier than saudering, I'll be sure to use this when I cosplay as Vash in a few months LOVE AND PEACE OUT!

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