Chris Redfield cosplay

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#1 Luken on 10 years ago

Im thinking about cosplaying as Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 1 and i need to find somone to comish for the costume or at least the vest. I have absolutly no talent when it comes to this sort of thing so the less i have to do, the better. So if you know somone or some place i could buy or comish the outfit from, it would be a great help. Thanks. :) :)

#2 Leon_Redfield on 10 years ago

Vietnam era Olive Drab Flak vest.

[url= armor, flak jacket, flak vest, flakvest, kevlar, pasgt) (usgi, nos, issued, surplus, vietnam) -helmet]Have fun[/url]

#3 Luken on 10 years ago

that would be good if i was capable of putting the markings on the back and ataching the knife holder. thats why i want to comish it.

#4 MissShanksALot on 10 years ago

. . . *sighs* there's a resident evil thread...Please use it. Maybe if you ask them questions, they can actually get back on topic.

#5 akuriko on 10 years ago

[URL=""]Resident Evil Thread[/URL].