Saint Seiya 2008 Group

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#1 Wakaleo on 11 years ago

Same deal as the Final Fantasy XII group, for Manifest and Supanova.

So far I have:

Hypnos: me
Athena: Suri
Seiya (Kamui cloth): Kim
Pandora: Annie
Hades Shun: Hope Li
Ophiuchus Shaina: Black shinigami

I would prefer if the costumes concentrated on the Hades series, which is still in production. There are hundreds of Saint Seiya characters ([url][/url].

99% of characters wear armours, so joining this group means you need to learn how to make armour. I use foam as my main tool to make armour (see my costume of Aiolia, Leo Saint).

It would be great to have a Thanatos, who has the mirror image armour to Hypnos, and also have Hades (either the easy version or the harder version). The 5 main characters are also welcome, but would be better to have their kamui versions.

Let me know!!

#2 athira on 11 years ago

Hey, Ken! Suri here~ XD Looking forward for the next group cosplay! Booyah! you think we should have Seiya? At least?

#3 black shinigami on 10 years ago

When is Supernova and Manifest?? I would love to do Ophiuchus Shaina for once but depending on the dates I may be overseas when Supernova comes round. (Also I probably would not be able to go for Manifest)

#4 Wakaleo on 10 years ago

Supanova is on June 20-22, no idea about Manifest yet. Coolies, more people in the group. Editing main post.

#5 Wakaleo on 10 years ago

Black Shinigami, will you be joining us for the group? let me know asap, because we would like to have a group meeting to make sure everyone is on track for supanova