Post-Apocalypse Fionna

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#1 Penguin_Empress on 6 years ago

I made this costume in ten minutes or so after my friend and I saw that EVERYBODY was cosplaying Adventure Time. We basically ripped our costumes to bit and used makeup and fake blood to do the rest. I want to do this again, but a little more planned out. Any ideas on how to make it better?


#2 PikaPandaPan on 6 years ago

I would say to make a proper Fionna hat and backpack then do your thing with it (with makeup, blood, and rips)
Maybe you could get some black shoes and scruff them up a bit too. Because blood, rips, and dirt then BOOM You have super nice shoes doesn't make sense XD

#3 LDeadman on 6 years ago

If you are able, I would recomend investing in a better quality wig.

#4 Ichigogami on 6 years ago

Colors to me on the short and skirt are good

I would redo the hat, and socks

but otherwise it's a nice idea

#5 animenerd93 on 6 years ago

also maybe "torch" i say this in quotes cause it depends on ur fabric and what the paint is on the sword but it would add a cool touch esp if the firey hell flames burnt her.
but sadly i do need to agree that a new hat/backpack and a better wig, ie one thats not too shiny would improve the look

OOOO new idea. keep the wig u have and dirty tht up with dirt and blood