Bleach Gathering 2010 (Now w/More Soul Cleansing Power!)

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#1 Yukari Kaiba on 10 years ago

Welcome to the official Bleach Gathering Thread for Fanime Con 2010! 09's gathering had a fantastic turnout as usual, and I'm glad to see that everyone enjoyed the return of the frisbee game and the chess match. The chess game will be returning (more info on that as we get closer to the con), and we will also be doing our regular migration over to the park across the street after the main shoot for more specific/fun photos. Here's to another great meetup in 2010!

Please be advised that Fanime staff will be taking photos of the group and if cosplayers do not wish to be in them to step aside. If you stay then you are giving consent to be photographed.

[b]When: Saturday
Where: The Fountains, Marriot side
Time: 11:00 am[/b]

BLEACH!Cosplay Chess @ 9:30 am, location TBA [url][/url]

People Count!:28!

[U]Attendance List[/U]
Soi Fon - totorolover
Gin - D001
Unohana - Myalchod +1(Minazuki)
Isane - Shokora
Shunsui - Wren
Tousen - Mkamzng1 (HM ver.)
Hitsugaya - ININ, punkerdragon(?)
Ukitake - Ginryuu, DuoMonkey
Rukia - Mi Feng (FTB ver.), Kiara004 (FTB ver.)
Kuukaku - Sergeant Envy(?)

Wonderweiss - Ryo_Hellsing
Luppi - XxKirby*chanxX
Neliel - PumpkinSpice (Espada ver)(?), totorolover's daughter (chibi), Azreale (adult?)
Sunsun - Azreale(?)

Shinji - Toshi_Riku
Hiyori - doragon
Mashiro - kuroneko
Lisa - kit_kat

Zabimaru - Yukari Kaiba (snake-half)
Katen Kyoukotsu - KittyCatChi & Audhulma (pair)

Ichigo Kurosaki - Kiara004's friend (bankai ver.)
Urahara - totorolover's husband

doragon's friend

[b]At The Fountains[/b]
-Arrancar (includes HM Aizen,Gin,Tousen, and Orihime)
-Vizard (current arc versions)
-Zanpakutou Arc (this includes zapakutou humanizations/manifestations and all filler characters within this arc)
-Turn Back The Pendalum (includes former captains&lieutenants aka Pre-Vizards, young ver. of characters, characters who were students during TBTP, & characters who were subordinates or of different ranking during TBTP)
-Urahara Shoten (includes Urahara, Yoruichi, Tessai, Ginta, Ururu, & mod souls)
-Real World (includes school uniform versions, artbook versions, Quincy, Don Kanoji)
-and then one massive group Bwahaha pic XD

[b]At The Park[/b]
-Divisions 1-13
-scene reinactments
-fan requests

#2 myalchod on 10 years ago

Mmmmm, crabcakes!

#3 Yukari Kaiba on 10 years ago


shall I put you down for Captain Mom +1 for Minazuki? 83

#4 Toshi_Riku on 10 years ago

Crab Pizza since I been wanting pizza XD and what can we make with a snake hmmm let's brain storm :bigtu:

#5 Eliteslayer on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=Toshi_Riku;3131671]and what can we make with a snake hmmm let's brain storm :bigtu:[/QUOTE]

Off the top of my head? A belt.

Or I suppose snake on a skewer wouldn't be that bad. Roasted over an open fire. But it would only be thematically appropriate in westerns, so I guess we'd need Stark in his released form for that.

#6 kimu on 10 years ago

Is it just me or does a lot of things get tied to food or food items...hmm....
Taco Aizen...


#7 Trumby on 10 years ago

I might be doing someone new this year, but until that's decided, put me down as coming back as Isshin again. :D

[QUOTE=Toshi_Riku;3131671]Crab Pizza since I been wanting pizza XD and what can we make with a snake hmmm let's brain storm :bigtu:[/QUOTE]

Not a food, but... [url][/url]

#8 myalchod on 10 years ago

Minazuki's only worth a +1? (We'll see if he levels up before Fanime. He [i]is[/i] getting to go out of state, after all!)

But yes, you can put me down for Captain Mom again. :D

Crossover crack says you can use a snake to make a Soul Eater cosplay ...

#9 Lady Saru on 10 years ago

...I am probably not coming, but I'm going to be stalking this thread to see if a Renji and an Ilfort end up coming. If they do...I want to pull a little randomness on them....<3

#10 ININ on 10 years ago

Add me as Hitsugaya XD There must be shaved ice or else Hitsugaya sits under the trees :<


#11 kimu on 10 years ago

awww! Wish we could get you an actual Matsumoto's shaved ice for Fanime....
But yes yes! Shiro-chan with shaved ice....orrr a popsicle or something!
There's always those ice cream vendors going through. We'll be sure to get you something.

#12 punkerdragon on 10 years ago

If I go I will be Hitsugaya

#13 ININ on 10 years ago

@Kimu, thanks very much ^__^ The Matsumoto was totally random. I Googled image searched and that shaved ice was on page one of the results.

#14 kimu on 10 years ago photo op request: group shot of all Shiro-chans with ice cream!!
Or even standing in line for it...

#15 Mi Feng on 10 years ago

I already posted in the Fanime threads but I will most likely be attending as Dark Rukia.