Shugo Chara Gathering: 2010

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#1 souseiseki on 12 years ago

We're going to have a Shugo Chara Gathering at Fanime 2010!

Date and Time have yet to be set, but we will most likely be meeting at the fountains in front of the convention center.

So far we have:

Either Amu or Utau (not sure yet)
Either Rima or Yoru (not sure yet)
Amulet Spade

We also have possible:


Reply if you're interested!

(Fanime forum for this gathering: [url],12689.0.html[/url])

#2 Speare Mint on 11 years ago

I posted this on the Fanime forums also.. but I'll be there as Yoru. :D (nya!)