In need of a new digi cam : what one do you suggest?

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#1 Blue Eternity on 13 years ago

I'm looking into getting a new Digi cam... and I was wondering what one everyone suggests are the best/most economical!
I would like to use it not only for taking pictures in cosplay, but for just taking pics of things too. ^^ I've never bought one before, I've always used my sisters.... yeah, so I'm not really super educated on camaras. ^^;

I'd love some answers, I'm going to Japan and Alaska this summer in July and I'd like to be able to take pics there. X3 Thanks!


#2 Jenward_1911 on 13 years ago

check you PMs (i sent you ideas!)

#3 staereo on 13 years ago

The biggest question here, and I *hate* asking it because I feel like a car salesman, is how much would you like to spend on the digicam?

Everyone always has a range in mind. Maybe a desirable range, then a stretch-max range.

Some basic points that are often made here:
1) (Thanks, Eriol for the last two which I didn't previously post)
2) No need to have features you dont plan on using.
3) Get enough features to allow you to grow a little with your skill.
4) Megapixel count has become an overused marketing ploy. While a spec that you should consider, megapixels are not what makes the camera.
5) A camera is a personal choice. You are the one using it, and you are the one that has to like it. Check out sample images, as the image sensors and processors all record light with their own personality. Find a personality that matches yours.
6) If you have the ability to go hold the camera that you think you want, and try it out in your hands do so. Even if you dont end up buying it in person.
7) No need to rush into things.
8) Take everyone's singular advice with a grain of salt, and listen to advice that you hear a lot of.

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#4 ruexbluesummer on 13 years ago

I've used these brands: minolta, canon, nikon, sony.

My favorite by far is canon. hasn't failed me yet. :)
The other ones were alright... but the model I had for minolta (f100) was pretty slow. Good quality, but it took forever to take a shot.

Especially for travelling, you might want something more compact. Having a huge lense is nice, but not very economical for travellers.

I really like the canon powershot SD series:


Good luck finding your camera!

#5 Eriol on 13 years ago

Some basic points that are often made here:

I would like to add and to that list.

EDIT: When buying a camera, research as much as you can. (I did not mean that Staereo researches as much as he can. He already knows a good amount about cameras. heh)

#6 staereo on 13 years ago

Edited my list, thanks Eriol, good ones that I didn't think about in my hasty reply.


#7 Mestrella on 12 years ago

It depents what you are trying to do. i would go for canon digital cameras. I've come across many cameras already and canon is great. you can also try nikon and olympus. I'm referring to SLR typ of cameras. if point and shoot cameras i'd go with canon only. Sony is over rated. they may have thin ones but picture quality is better with canon.

#8 finalfantsy86 on 12 years ago

A Sony cyber-shot is fantastic...but it cost $200+....

#9 saiga on 12 years ago

So you are into photography? Then join the club!
Well, as for a kickstart, allow me to introduce you to the Canon family*yeah, I'm a Canonian* - the Powershot series ranging from 4 to 8 megapixels with AF and various settings similiar to an entry level SLR. However, it has it's limatations but you're still able to gather nice shots from it. Infact, it's a good travel camera!

more details:

#10 deleriumx on 12 years ago

I am not sure if anyone reads this thread anymore, but i didnt want to start a whole new "what camera should i buy?" thread. so here goes

i am looking for a slight upgrade to my current camera and am having trouble deciding between two models that i have read are very good; Canon 30D and the Nikon D200.

You can view the stats on both side by side here:


the Olympus on the left is my current camera, which is very good, i just wanted to upgrade to an SLR.

On one hand, the Nikon has a higher megapixel rating, but i've heard that isn't a good reason to buy a camera. Canon has an outstanding reputation, and one of my photographer friends has the 30D and takes wonderful pictures with it.

So how can i choose??

#11 staereo on 12 years ago

I will straight up say this. This WILL turn into a Canon vs. Nikon flame war if people let it go that way. Typically users of each brand are very loyal to their camera. They are both great pieces of equipment. But just about any advice youre going to read by anyone on this subject, no matter how it uses facts to make points, will ultimately be subjective.

I suggest taking a few shots with each one, reviewing pictures taken by both in online galleries, and actually holding one. Also look at lenses, and what you may want, and the quality/price of each. Find out which one fits you better.

Im not going to bother arguing specs back and forth, as it is just a waste of time for everyone. I suggest my objective advice.

That said, canon is the camera that fits me personally. Others choose Nikon. *shrug* The choice is in your own feel for it.

Rest assured, they will both fill the same role, in the same capacity, and the same great quality.


#12 jtnishi on 12 years ago

Staereo's dead on. And since you're starting from an Olympus, you don't have the automatic bias toward one or the other by virtue of having lenses already. The only reason I went with Canon at the time was because they had done an upgrade on the low end (the Rebel XT), plus I already had a friend or two on Canon who I could borrow lenses from.

I suspect you'll like either camera. The two cameras are very competitive with each other. However, make sure to prove it to yourself first.

Beyond that, I say go with whichever system will allow you to acquire the best [b]lenses[/b] you can for them the fastest. For example, if you happen to live near a place that stocks a lot of good used Nikon lenses at a reasonable price, I'd say you'd be better off going Nikon. If, on the other hand, for example, you have a bunch of friends that you know are trying to get rid of good Canon lenses, maybe going Canon would be best. By habit, I know that Nikon lenses tend to have a lower resale value than Canon lenses, so Canon lenses hold their value better, but that also means that used Nikon lenses tend to be cheaper in price than used Canon lenses. And both produce some excellent lenses. If you're unopposed to buying used lenses, and you have access to a shop near you that sells used Nikon lenses that you can try out, then I'd suggest looking at that D200 closer.

I'll wish you the best of luck with your choice. You probably can't go wrong either way, and the forums will almost certainly be looking forward to your future contributions.

#13 gmontem on 12 years ago

If you still cannot decide on the camera system to adopt, go for a Canon if you like to be subject to those sophomoric jokes. [i]Wow your "Canon" is so... big![/i] Sorry I couldn't help myself. >> <

#14 Eriol on 12 years ago

You can't go wrong with either. Canon and Nikon compete [b]intensely[/b] in the DSLR market. Comeptition is good.

You can also read this:

As others mentioned, you should go to a store that has demos of the two cameras and try them out. Besides specs, sometimes the feel of the camera is important too.

I can't independently verify jtnishi's lens resale statement, so you should not base your decision on that kind of information.

The Nikon D200 is currently in short supply at many retailers. Either Nikon is intentionally constricting supply, or they can't keep up with the demand. You may end up getting a Canon 30D, because you may not be able to get the Nikon D200...Nikon's loss.

Disclaimer: I'm a Nikon user.

#15 staereo on 12 years ago

... my jedi powers sense disturbance brewing in the balance .... ; ;