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#1 featherweight on 13 years ago

Becouse so meny people have been asking about my keyblade i decided to right a tutorail for it. Also since this is a tutorail for a specific and not just a genral guide to a style of building i'm trying to be alittle more precise in the way i lay things out
ok when complet this keyblade is scale to an averge sized man and has a lenght
of 42inchs and will look something like this

and heres a rundown of what you'll need

The metrails

one 1 1/4 " dowel
around 6 squar feet of a single corrugat carboard
60-75 sticks of hotglue
aound 20 standard cardboard comic book backs
one foot of plastic chain
paints and a black sharpie

The tools

a wood saw
glue gun
exacto knife
a printer
a star srew driver


1) Cut the dowel to a length of 106cm

2) Cut two circles that are 7cm wide and have a 3cm hole in the centre and glue them on the dowel so they are 7cm apart measured from the outer edges of the board

3) Cut out ten cardborad tabs bend them than glue them evenly spaced around the inside of the two circles they should be .7cm in from the edges


4) Cut pieces to fit bewteen the two circles and glue to them to the tabs than another layer over to that

5) Cut a 13cm by 23cm pieces and glue it aournd the dowel startin right from the base of th second cricle than fill the crack with glue

6) Cut two cricles the are 6.5cm wide witha 3cm hole in he middle glue them on the dowel at the starting at the base of the handle peice and space 4cm apart measured from the outer edges of the board


7) Cut ten more tabs and a 3.3cm by 21cm glue the tabs in .4cm form the edges of the cricles than bend the other piece around and glue to the tabs

8) Cut a piece 1.5cm by 13cm ,a cricle 5cm wide with a 3cm hole and three cricles 6.5cm wide wrap and glue the strip around the dowel at the base of the handle than glue the 5cm crilce at the strip. Than glue the three 6.5cm to the back of the handle in the centre

9) Glue fill the egdes at both the front and the back of the handle as seen in A) and use the tip of the glue gun to smooth them out as seen in B)


10) Cut four 15cm by 36cm than glue down comic backs on the top of the of the pieces (note: most comic backs have a glossie side you'll want to glue that side face down it makes piantign easyer)

11) Print out this
so the handle is 34.5 cm long cut it out and use it as a temple to cut out the four handles rember thier should be two left sides and two right sides so the side sinked in comics will be on the surface of the handle(note: don't forget to cut out the holes). Than cut away the inner edges of the two ends of the handle peices at a 45 degree angle (note: be careful not to cut the comic backs when doing this)

12) Cut eight sqaurs and glue them under the round edges of the handle peices as seen in A) (note: make sure the sqaur covers the hole) cut away the extra so they match the shape of the handle as seen in B) fill the inner egdes of the hole with glue asssen in C)


13) Make tabs and put togetter the pieces of the handles the tabs should come to the very edges of the pieces except the two ends where the tabs should be moved in little over 1cm the peices should be put togetter so that the handle is 5.5cm tall on the inner side and 3cm on the outer side

14) Bend and glue comic backs to the egdes of the handles except the two ends. Glue them by puting glue on the edges and tabs than putting the comic backs on as seen in B) Cut away the extra comic back as seen in C). Cut the
sides of the edges so they are round and will fit on to the rest of the handle

15) Cut a 13cm by 1.5cm strip and glue it to the dowel 3.5cm away from the handle than fill the outter edge with glue than put glue along the inner space between the strip and the handle and smooth with the tip of the gun as seen in A) (note: the way the gap is filled and the fact its a dark blue makes illusion of it being smaller than the rest of the dowel)


16) Glue the handles the cylinders. Than cut squars of comic back and glue than over what cylinder you can see left as seen in A)

17) cut two peices 17cm by 24cm than glue down a comic back

18) Print this out
so that the blade is 22cm wide than cut it out and use it as a temple.Cut out a left and right side of the blade. Than glue pieces on the under side of the blades and cut away the extra as seen in A) than make tabs and put the two side togetter the same way you did the handle in stap 13 but this time make the inner egde 3cm tall and the outer 1.7cm


19) Glue on and cut away comic backs the same way you did in step 14

20) Glue the blade on you the end of the dowel (note: be sure to keep it level with the handles)

21) Cut three pieces of the shape seen out of borad and glue than togetter.
Than crave away the edges so they are rounded as seen in A) Fill with glue than smooth with gun as seen in B) when doen you should get something that looks like this [url][/url]


22) Print out this
so that the Micky is 10.5cm wide than cut it out and use it as a temple to cut two mickies out of borad. Than cut two slots out of them between the ears about 1.5cm deep. Than glue comic backs to both side and agian cut out the micky shape

23) Take seven link of the plastic chian. cut the last link in the chain in half as seen in A) (note: save the other half for step 25). Glue the chian in to the slots of thr micky as seen in B)

24) Take the srew driver and poke two holes in the back of the blade that are the same width apart as the chain. Than poke a hole in the bottum of the connector link as seen in A)


25) Take the free end of the chain and cut throw the end of the link as seen in A) than pull it open and put it in to the hole poked in the connector link. Than using the other half of the chain link left over from step 23 hook on the connector link than glue the chain link in to the hole in the back of the handle

26) paint and detail the key

all done, hope you fond this helpful becouse this was a heck of alot of work for me =P

#2 Annie-Mei on 13 years ago

YOU JUSt Rock! thanks for the tutorial....Im sure you'll get plenty of questiosn now.

#3 Atrista on 13 years ago

Awesome Job Featherweight! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

#4 Monkeylicious on 13 years ago

Thank you SO much for this tutorial!!

#5 Unknowbie on 13 years ago

You are a god of cardboard. Can i start a religion for you and be the head priest person?

#6 SaltySlippers on 13 years ago

You are awsome! Thanks so much. ^_^

#7 TinTal on 13 years ago

where did my reply go?*blink blink* i guess i forgot to hit the "post reply button" xD

Anywho here I go again then ^^ YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY awesome tutorial. Although I doubt I can manipulate cardboard as well as you can, this tutorial is the best. And the templates for the handle, "key" part, and mickey mouse keychain are just so .... "YAY"! :D lol YAAY much thankies!!

#8 OneWngdAngel2 on 13 years ago

wow its so...i'm definately making one in the next few days! you are the Cardboard Buddha, my friend! i could only wish to be as enlightened as you are! *meditates on stacks of cardboard*

#9 esantiago7292 on 13 years ago

awsome! thanks for all the help! I should start making mine soon =)

#10 dieddead46 on 13 years ago

just something that alot of people havnt noticed, the mickey on the keychain is actually rounded, not just flat. It's like one of those small mickey foam heads you can get that go on top of your car's radio arial. You can get them in any disney store, theres aload of other places you can get them too if you cant be bothered to glue together a few balls.

#11 xXKujaXx on 13 years ago

Hey there! That's a really fantastic tutorial. The finished product is absolutley astounding and bound to be more comfortable and light than one made of wood.

Question though. As someone who doesn't actually own any comic books where do I get those comic book backs that your talking about?

#12 featherweight on 13 years ago


Question though. As someone who doesn't actually own any comic books where do I get those comic book backs that your talking about?[/QUOTE]

comic shop. if thier chargeing more than a dime each thier ripping you off.

#13 xXKujaXx on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=featherweight]comic shop. if thier chargeing more than a dime each thier ripping you off.[/QUOTE]
Thanks a lot :D

#14 FE Freak on 13 years ago

:mfg: Yup,undisputed champion cardboard craftsman.My eyes almost jumped out of their sockets when i saw that.

#15 ChrowX on 13 years ago

[URL=""]My Results[/URL]

Awesome stuff as always Featherweight.