What costumes attract the most fan girls?

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#1 Medellia on 15 years ago

Ok... My good friend is convinced that no matter what costume I put him in, the fan girls will not flock. So we have a bet going and I need your guys' help! What costumes do you think would get the most obvious, annoying, glomp-ing fan girl action? I always have the weirdest posts don't I..... Anyway, thanks in advance!

#2 Naru on 15 years ago

TIDUS!!! HE IS MY HOTTIE OF THE MONTH! But I am liking all the ff guys, the only way i wouldn't like it is if you did a crap job of making the costume. If you put some heart into it and make it look good then you'll get the gals! (or at least me he he)

#3 KuroBara on 15 years ago

Fangirls? My boyfriend was repeatedly glomped when he cosplayed Tamahome and Kaiba. There were so many of them! If he can pull off the look, I recommend Tooya from Ayashi no Ceres, or any of Yuu Watase's male characters.

#4 Toka_pop on 15 years ago

I think its always cute to see guys cosplaying as random cat boys, but that's just me. Lately Fruits Basket guys seem to be drawing a lot of attention. Also, it helps if you pick a charcter that you already sorta look like. Then if the costumes good, and you look like the character, it doesnt really matter who you're being. You'll still get attention for the high quality of the work. Hope that helps! Sorry for rambling on! ^.^;;

#5 Recca-kun on 15 years ago

I agree with those, I'm just expanding.

Cloud, Squall, and Tidus (poor Will).
Tamahome and to a lesser degree other FY guys (I think Touya's great but Yuuhi and him from AnC don't get as much recognition as they deserve).
Yuki or Kyo Sohma, this one will be [i]huge[/i] by the end of the year *runs and hides from people trying to take his cats*.
Vash and Wolfwood, although this one not as much anymore.
GW boys, but see above.
Gravitation guys, especially Yuki Eiri or Sakuma Ryuichi.

#6 Raincrystal on 15 years ago

Just as long as he looks hot, he'll get glomped in anything. ^^;

I'm afraid to glomp people if I don't have an excuse (knowing them, for instance.) I guess I'm afraid I'll scare or annoy them...

#7 Sakura on 15 years ago

Anyone from Fruits Basket or Gravitation... *_* guys that I personally like are Squall, Heero Yuy, Tooya, Touya and Yukito from CCS, Zero Enna, Orphen, Any of the Saiyuki boys (especially Hakkai and Kougaiji), and basically any other guys made by CLAMP.

#8 Koumori on 15 years ago

J-rockers attract fangirls. I have to beat them off with a stick when I'm doing Toshiya.

As for Yuu Watase characters, I find I get very little attention when I do Nuriko, though it's an outfit that only appears in one scene - still, I was expecting to have to wield the Stick of Personal Space Defense with that one. YMMV. Depends on the fangirls.

Word of advice, though: don't glomp people without getting their permission first. A lot of people don't like strangers jumping all over them.

#9 Hikaruchan on 15 years ago

Good Tougas attract fangirls. And good Sephiroths & Seifers

#10 Quies on 15 years ago

have to second the gravitation ones- actually just had this conversation at lunch.

that's all.i'm really just wasting time. avioding studing physics.

#11 Cocoa on 15 years ago

As a friend once said - yaoi guys will always get fangirls...Gravitation, CCS, some of the X guys, YnM...

#12 Cosmos on 15 years ago

A good Ashton (Star Ocean) would receive a glomp from me LoL. Kinda hard to say for anything else, since I usually only attend the Watase-con (animazement, lol) about the Watase guys. But as stated, if he looks good, then the glomps will come. ^^

#13 ZiggyB on 15 years ago

I hate to sound like a cliche, if you just work on a good costume, the fangirls will come. :)

You don't need to specifically make a costume to attract them.

It's sorta like boiling water, if you sit and stare at it, it will never boil, but if you don't pay too much attention, it'll just happen.

Ok, did that make any sense...?

#14 Miyu on 15 years ago

want fangirls? I'll tell you what attracts fangirls:

HOT GUYS attract fangirls.

the costume only adds to it.

fangirls like attractive guys. usually pretty boys. usually pretty ASIAN boys.... considering anime fans tend to have an "asian fetish".

lol :D

#15 Psychotic Jei on 15 years ago

Wow. It's so cool to see Gravitation becoming known. :: was Ryuichi last year at AX, and nobody really knew...except the fans ::