Ideas for CC29?

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#1 LadyoftheThread on 9 years ago

#2 stardust462 on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=LadyoftheThread;3450465]Plus, one of the anime cons I regularly attend is the weekend before.[/QUOTE]
Anime Boston, right? I'm kind of bummed about that because I think that may keep a lot of my friends from being able to go.

I'm definitely going. I want to at a minimum do historical, and I have a few ideas for that, and I'll probably have more now with the rules that were posted (that Theatrical Costume category looks awesome). I'd love to do SF&F again, I just need to pick something. I think I want to do something CLAMP, maybe Magic Knight Rayearth or RG Veda.

What I really want to do is a Sera Myu costume, because it kind of fits with the theme. It would be cool to get a group together for that.

#3 Sarcasm-hime on 9 years ago

I want to do Cyd Charisse's green outfit from Singin' in the Rain (movie musical, not Broadway, but eh) and I'm sure there will be designs in the Folio I want to make. I'm also very tempted by the 30s dress in the Single Pattern as I've been watching a lot of old movies while sewing lately. :D

#4 Twink on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=Sarcasm-hime;3451154]I want to do Cyd Charisse's green outfit from Singin' in the Rain [/QUOTE]

I just love that scene, and that dress. Looking forward to seeing it.

I was very excited to hear the theme this year, I had a few Broadway costume ideas planned so this works out perfectly. I've been working on a Eliza Doolittle Ascot dress from the (film version) of My Fair Lady. Looking forward to walking into walls in my obnoxious, giant hat.

Have a few other ideas, but it's a long way between now and April....and plans always change.
This will be my first CC, so I'm still debating on whether I want to enter the Masquerade. May just hang around and observe. :D

#5 supergeekgirl on 9 years ago

I've got to decide whether we'll have time and money for both masquerades. At the very least, you can PROBABLY expect to see our historical - Cold War: The Musical.

#6 Berzerker_prime on 9 years ago

I have so many ideas rattling around in my brain right now, I don't know where to start. I'll have to assess my ideas and figure out which I can actually reasonably be expected to tackle. I've never actually told a story on stage and I really want to try doing it.

This, of course, assuming that I can actually make it to CC29...

#7 RaDragon76 on 9 years ago

We're debating what musical costumes to do at the moment. We really want to do something from an obscure show we like but we really haven't been able to come up with one that people haven't at least heard of. We'll probably just fall back on ones that are our favorites instead.

We do have a plan locked in for the SF-F masquerade but it's really just something for fun and not at all serious. We are also doing a little research to see if our first choice of costume for the Historical masquerade is even feasible. If there aren't enough references than we'll have to move to the next choice.

#8 trixyloupwolf on 9 years ago

i would like to do like cats nya!!
did ya know i loooooooooove all cats nya!! ^^""

but alone is sad sad =_=''''

but its my wanted to do list nya!!

#9 macbeemer on 9 years ago

I'm planning a Glinda bubble dress from "Wicked" at some point. I love all those costumes so much. But I'd also love to do something crazy and sparkly and over-the-top Broadway (/jazzhands), too. Maybe an historic dress in the theme of La Cage Aux Folles... I dunno! There are so many great shows to choose from.

#10 jusdepomme on 8 years ago

I'm looking toward a flapper dress for the historical masquerade. I really like the roaring 20s so I thought it could be a great dress to make. Still don't know what to do for the Sci-Fi masquerade thought

#11 RaDragon76 on 8 years ago

I think we've finally narrowed down our entries for both the Sci-Fi and the Historical Masquerades yesterday after scrapping several ideas that we had. From the looks of things the two are entirely interchangable with a few adjustments. I can't wait to get started. :)

#12 von Drago on 8 years ago

I have ideas, what I don't have is time.

Anybody got a good source for that :)

#13 alpha_helix on 8 years ago

Since I couldn't make it to CC28, I've been overflowing with ideas for, like, a year or so. I think I finally have my mind made up. My idea for the historical masquerade relates to my thesis on brewing history and science. And for the sci-fi/fantasy masquerade, I was hoping to keep it a secret, but I let it slip in another thread. And my lj. And on facebook. Sooo, I'm planning on making Lady Gaga's EPIC disco ball dress. Sooooo excited to make it.

#14 supergeekgirl on 8 years ago

I'm doing Madonna's gray suit from "Express Yourself" as a hall costume. Now I have to pick some of my old costumes to wear in the hall too.

#15 RaDragon76 on 8 years ago

We have a few new ideas for wearing in the hall and we have gotten the okay for our secondary choice for historical. We have also decided we are going to enter the Sci-Fi/Fantasy this year as well as the Future Fashion Show pending anything of interest in the Future Fashion Folio. I can't wait to get started although actual construction on things won't start until sometime in the fall. We still have a few costumes for this year to finish. And, yes, I am keeping things under wraps for now. :)