Slender Man Cosplay

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#1 Androyddd on 10 years ago

Hello, I'm rather new to this whole cosplaying thing and yeah. I decided to try my hand at it, with my first being a Slender man costume. I attached a few images of the big guy below.

Anyway, I was looking for tips on three things:

1. Mask that looks faceless. I was wondering where I could buy one, and, if unavailable, what material I should use to make it. I would rather retain the ability to see

2.How to make myself appear taller. A good one foot to three feet would be best, hopefully while still being able to retain my balance.

3. The tentacles, appendage, whatever they are. The point is they're coming out of it's back, and I want them to look like an extension of the body. What material to use/ how to pull them off would be great.

Help is much appreciated, thank you.

#2 Chyster on 10 years ago

I'm making a Slender Man cosplay too.
I'm getting dry wall stilts to make myself taller.
Not doing the tentacles because sometimes he doesn't have them.
And I'm also stumped on the mask.

#3 LuceFox on 10 years ago

First off, oh my god slender man.

Second ...
For the mask, I would sugest nylon. (I've seen similar effects done with white pantyhose)
Tentacle-wise, I don't know if this would work, but ... I'm thinking a wire base with some sort of scrap fabric wrapped around it to make it thicker, and then covered in liquid latex and painted black. Gotta love latex. (it's cheap, too.)

#4 mayaora on 10 years ago

Hey everyone!
So, my (intended) cosplay for cons coming this summer (and also my halloween costume, heh) will be Slender Man!
If you've never heard of him, I suggest you go [URL=""]here[/URL]. (There are pictures there as well)

I already know how I'm going to make the shoes to be taller (I'm already 5'9", so I won't have much more to go.).. The face I'm a little worried, but I'm thinking thick white nylons or something? Lol.

The main concern is his arms -- not his tendrils/tentacles. Just his arms. A friend of mine suggest PVC, but that's too stiff, I want them to look somewhat fluid.
So, what should I do? D: Any help would be nice!

#5 Itachi/Lfanatic on 9 years ago

Yay! I'm not going to be the only Slenderman cosplayer ^v^
@LuceFox: I like the idea of using Nylon (pantyhose) as a mask, but my biggest concern is possibly sufficating in it. Your nose would be pressed down, and it could be kinda hard to breathe, but I really do like the idea of using something so simple as a mask. maybe if I cut nose holes, that could help, but then the hole thing might rip on me >.>

my question would be where can I get quality stilts. I just need something that I can elevate myself (if even just slightly) because I'm quite short for this costume (5'5"). Are there any brands I should look for, or just look for stores that would be sure to have them? Thanksies =D

#6 ioniafreak on 9 years ago

i love you guys.

#7 mahoukiyoraka on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=ioniafreak;3959616]i love you guys.[/QUOTE]

I agree. Need to see these finished.

#8 Slender Man on 9 years ago

Hello there...Ive been watching you...

Mines done now. Gotta upload some with the new mask. Its basically pantyhose with a skin colour bandana underneath with some small eye holes cut in the bandana. Suit with some extensions, and some good quality drywaller stilts! Pm Me if you need some pics of the details! also check out the photos on my profile. Tho i need a better photo shoot haha! Making a movie You can find it on youtube if you look up Slender man has found me. Or Tynehead British Columbia Slender man sighting

#9 Fennius on 9 years ago


I used a white Whosuit for the mask/gloves but a word of advice: The zip on the back broke before the day was out. Could have just been mine though, not all of them that do that. Perfectly fine for breathing in, though not the most comfortable. And if you have stubble it can poke out a little. VERY hard to see through, the hat was half there to cover the seams, half to keep light from above from whiting out my vision.

The tentacles were just white TV cable cut up and held on with watches.

I didn't do anything to make me taller though.

I considered using hosepipe held on to my back under the jacket in a sort of m shape to make big tentacle, maybe splitting the pipe for more, but I didn't get round to it. I also found some very nice long, thin, twisty branches that would work.

#10 Slender Man on 9 years ago

Diggin the tentacles man!

#11 SvK on 9 years ago

[url=]Which of you was at Fanime?[/url]

#12 Slender Man on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=SvK;4000532][url=]Which of you was at Fanime?[/url][/QUOTE]

Not I sir.

#13 Etherelle on 9 years ago


I am working on a Slenderman cosplay for AnimeExpo and I've been referring to this thread for tips and clues about what I should do for the outfit. I'll be wearing stilts for this outfit, so I'll actually be STUPID TALL and I have everything done but the pants (which are a pain, because of the stilts), the tie, and the Whosuit, which I'm currently getting thanks to Fennius' advice and picture. Really excited to be wearing another costume that's meant for stilts as I'm tired of being Turniphead for Fanime. SO HERE'S TO HOPING THE WHOSUIT ARRIVES IN TIME. %D

#14 Etherelle on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=SvK;4000532][url=]Which of you was at Fanime?[/url][/QUOTE]

I was at Fanime this year and I have a friend here who says that she saw Fennius, via the picture he uploaded, as Slenderman there. OUO I think that's right. 8U Correct me if I'm wrong.

#15 Slender Man on 9 years ago

What are you using for the mask?