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#1 Admin on 15 years ago

I'll post a few for now till I dive in and get all of them fixed up. There were 437 total, we'll probably wind up with about 250+ for the gallery.


#2 Admin on 15 years ago

A few more. I'll have more tomorrow.




#3 Sana-chan on 15 years ago

Those look so great!!! The one with the Andy and Ali especially looks really cool *o*.

#4 Catpaw on 15 years ago

I like the RingWraith & Frodo... The others pics r good too!

#5 shmonkers on 15 years ago

I love em! Gorgeous pics!

#6 Benda on 15 years ago

Those Are so Awesome! I can't wait to see them all. Everyone looked so good.

#7 Mink on 15 years ago

yeah! cool admin!

#8 skyknyt on 15 years ago

Oh, those are sexy pics. I didn't even recognize myself for a second (or ten).


#9 Freya on 15 years ago

Awesome pics! Love the ringwraith one ^____^
Overall it was a great setting and we all thank you for being able to put this on! ^_^

#10 Yuna on 15 years ago

The Nazgul one with Frodo is pure ownage.

#11 Rey-Rey on 15 years ago

I just saw Nessa's picture.

I wanted to lick the screen. >=D

But then there are people around here.

Hope you guys had fun! =D

Woof. >=D Loveliness. >=D

#12 Dark Vision on 15 years ago

It looks awesome.

Skye rocks withs elroness, and ring wraith is well sweet. Nessa's shot looks goreous.
andand woot for my glowing cheap abertsons bought ball orbie thingie a bobber.

#13 Kusanagi on 15 years ago

LOL, speaking of touching up photos...

Since I was an idiot and forgot to color my eyebrows I don't suppose you could make them red? ^_^

And Kudos for making me NOT look like a mexican for a change! :-)

#14 CinsAngel on 15 years ago

Caption For Kusanagai's Pic:
"Did I leave The Oven On?"

Those Are AWSOME! Can't wait to see the rest!


#15 DarkGunner on 15 years ago

Awesome pics as usual! I'm so bummed I couldn't attend! ><